Tonight, PopDust makes the leap from "worktime distraction" to "all-encompassing media empire" as we make the big jump to the small screen. Visit at 9 P.M. EST and watch our own editor and pitchy-ologist Maura Johnston giving post-game analysis on Idol Party Live. Maura will be teamed on the panel with Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola from Jersey Shore, who will bring orange-tinted insight alongside Maura's world-famous commentary. The two will discuss the night's eliminations and then maybe Sammi will get drunk on shots and try to pull out some of Maura's hair. Also, joining the panel will be ousted contestant Rachel Zevita, who will hopefully share vicious rumors about other contestants.

MTV's site is promising "post-game analysis, commentary, interviews, conspiracy theories, insanity and"—get this—"karaoke." We've heard Maura on the mic and if they have any Alphabeat, they're in for a treat.

Tonight, 9 P.M.,, the moment Idol ends. Come root on one of our own! It's always been her dream to be on the internet!