Has there ever been a more age-backwards mentor/protege relationship than Carly Rae Jepsen and Justin Bieber? CarRaeJep is a full eight-plus years older than the Bieb, but it was still the Ontarian tyke who was responsible, with his supportive tweets, his manager's record label and his viral video that helped but Canadian Idol alum Carly over the top in the States and abroad. Can't you just see Bieber talking about Jepsen in quasi-patronizing approval to someone on the Grammys red carpet—"Yeah, she's a sweet kid, we're all really proud of how hard she's working and how far she's come?" And he wouldn't even be meaning to do it—he's just that cocky, just that good. Dammit.

Anyway, enough ranting about The Bieb and his ability to strike terror into the hearts of grown men—we have good news. Jepsen, artist behind the year's most perfect pop song (so says Gawker, and it's nothing we haven't been saying in effect for weeks), will soon be taking her professional relationship with Mr. Bieber to the next level. “I do have a plan to do a little bit of a collaboration with Justin," Carly revealed in an interview to Ryan Seacrest. " I hope you get to hear it soon." Well gosh darn, Carly Rae, so do we—we haven't been this excited for an all-Canuck collaboration since Celine Dion guested on that Rush album in our minds.

And if you haven't officially, inextricably, 100% involuntarily fallen in love with this song yet, time to get with the program: