Took Her Long Enough: Taylor Swift Already Has Year's Best-Selling New Album


It's only been two weeks, but that may as well be a career-long sales period for a commercial juggernaut such as Taylor Swift. She sold over 1.2 million copies of debut album Red in its first week—about double the second-biggest first sales week of the year to that point—and she adds another 344k to that sales tally this week, enough to hold off Philly rapper Meek Mill's rookie LP Dreams & Nightmares (which sells 165k in its debut) for a second week on top of the charts.

Impressively, the combined 1.553 million copies that Red has moved in its two weeks already registers it as the biggest-selling album released in 2012. The previous #1, One Direction's Up All Night, had sold 1.33 million, but did so in a nearly seven-month-long sales period, making Taylor's figures all-the-more staggering. (Both albums will likely see some company soon from a second One Direction release this year, when sophomore LP Take Me Home comes out next Tuesday.)

Of course, big as Taylor's number is, it's still well short of 4.132 million—the number of copies sold in 2012 by the year's overall best-seller, Adele's 21. But who knows—a couple more hits, a bonus-track-laden reissue, an award show appearance or's not impossible Taylor could get to that number soon enough. Of course, there's only about ten weeks left in 2012, so if she wanted to expedite the process, she should start signing off on Deluxe Edition packaging sooner rather than later.


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