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Premiere: Towne Bare Their Heart & Soul In "The One I Love" Video

The folk-pop duo lay it all on the line. "My tongue is a loaded gun," singer Steevie Steeves hisses.

You can't tie Towne down. The duo are pop, folk and a whole lotta soul. Their debut EP Games We Play is soaked through and through with piano fury and poetic sensibility, catching fire on tracks such as "Messed Up" and their standout moment, "The One I Love." Fixed with a muscular melody and an even mightier lead vocal from bandmate Steevie Steeves, the latter track whirls through images of confusion, love and longing. "The one I'm with's not the one," she murmurs--the syncopated delivery dances playfully with the thumping percussion, transparently mimicking the cool sweat of her heartbeat.

"This song turned into something so much bigger than either of us could have foreseen when writing it. What started out as a simple story, turned into something that meant so much to so many people," the duo shares with Popdust. "We're super happy about the direction of the video and how it turned out. We love seeing peoples' reaction to the video and hearing their different interpretations of it."

The official "The One I Love" video premieres exclusively today, and we could not be more honored.

Formerly in a relationship, Steeves and bandmate Jon Decious first met at Skip Ewing's Horse and Writer Seminar in Wyoming. Funnily enough, the two later discovered they both lived in the exact same area of Nashville. Serendipity works that way sometimes. When the relationship fizzled out, the two performers realized their music still had something special to offer. For that, the music community is forever thankful, as Games We Play is rich and cinematic, pulling on the core of human emotion with ardent pleasure.

"Steevie loves to dig deep into vocals when we record and watching her layer and weave parts together almost seems like a game from an outside perspective," Decious told Vents magazine earlier this year. "We recorded with our good friend/producer, Evan Hutchings, who is super-talented and one of the more creative guys in the studio that either of us have met- thankfully he let her take all the creative freedom she wanted."

He added, "The [creative] process can be a lot like a rollercoaster at times, honestly! We have moments where we're both arguing over a line or a melody and then we'll have those magic moments where we're crying happy tears because something hit us 'just right.' Although it's not always easy, it's always fun, because we're both constantly fighting for what's best for the song- because, at the end of the day, that's the only thing that really matters."

Games We Play is out now on iTunes.

Watch below:


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