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T-Pain and Lil Yachty Made An Amazing Terrible Song about "Dan Bilzerian"

Do they love him? Do they hate him? Either way it's the jam.

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T-Pain was always a bit ahead of his time. His practically pure auto-tune style was heavily criticized when it first made it into the mainstream with "Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')" back in oh-seven. How could someone's entire talent being singing with auto-tune on? The people demanded answers.

Well, after proving himself acoustically with his incredible Tiny Desk concert and his somewhat consistent cultural relevance, T-Pain was vindicated by the rise of artists like Young Thug, Travis $cott, and, above all, Lil Yachty. Their styles, largely if not wholly dependent on voice modification, have answered that loaded question with the force of a billion streams.

So what does all this have to do with Instagram Bro and alleged millionaire Dan Bilzerian? Well the auto-tune OG and the young god of sing-trap have finally teamed up for a lifestyle jam appropriately titled "Dan Bilzerian."

The song's got that Broccoli-esque melody about it. Slightly off-tune and dizzily up-beat.

"I got ten Brazilians like I'm Dan Bilzerian," T-Pain tells us with slightly more definition than your average mumble-rapper, although he pronounces "Bilzerian a lot like more like "Bra-zeer-an" than is probably accurate. But hey, it's not really about him.

With an almost gospel-like exuberance, T-Pain lays a fairly normal melodic mumble-rap verse/hook/verse situation until one could almost grow bored of the sound. Just as it reaches saturation, though, Lil Yachty saves the day with his signature style, which is more suited than even T-Pain's to this track and its cutting-edge beat.

Although Yachty's verse is brief, it's followed by a great duet on the final hook. Lil Boat sings in unison and provides some clarifying ad-libs like "yeah" and "b*tch I'm rich as f*ck" like he does with D.R.A.M. on the "Broccoli" hook.

That's one of the funny things about this song, too. The hook changes; sometimes it's about Dan Bilzerian and sometimes it's just a lyric about being successful. But the addictive melody stays the same and it keeps you listening. It also adds a laid-back vibe to a song that could easily be seen as taking itself too seriously.

I wouldn't say this song is so bad that it's good, because it is good, but it's also got that low-effort quality to it that can cut both ways.

Check out "Dan Bilzerian" by T-Pain and Lil Yachty below:

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