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Trace Mountains' "Me & May" Is an Indie Rock Dream

With his post-LVL UP band, Dave Benton toes the line between ethereal and concrete.

With the dissolution of his old band, LVL UP, and his relocation to New York's Hudson Valley, the past few years have brought Dave Benton a world of change.

Lost In the Country, the forthcoming album from the indie singer-songwriter's project Trace Mountains, is a fitting soundtrack to this sort of upheaval while trying to reconnect with one's center. The latest single from Trace Mountains, "Me & May," takes account of past-life connections with a much-needed sunny outlook. The muted track exudes warmth and comfort, feeling at once dreamlike and rooted in a blissful reality.

"There are two worlds / The one you're making every day / And the one that always gets away," Benton sings. "So just sing your silly song / And someday soon we'll all be / Waking up on a hazy afternoon / Drifting straight into a dream with only good things." Embellished with gentle strings and light harmonization, "Me & May" invokes a refreshing sense of guileless wonder and hope that makes grim circumstances feel all the more bearable.

Listen below.

Me & May

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