Did you know 50 Cent was making a movie with Ray Liotta and Mario Van Peebles about a promising young football player who gets cancer?  Did you know that this is a star vehicle for Fiddy, a kind of sincere Hard to Watch? Do you think we're messing with you? We're not! In an apparent play for critical respectability, Curtis emotes (well, "emotes"), loses weight, and shows his vulnerable side (he cries while running!) as a football prospect who gets cancer just as his career is about to take off (and, we're guessing, recovers just in time to win the big game). Fun fact: "Things Fall Apart" is also the name of one of the most important African novels ever written, and the title is taken from the William Butler Yeats poem "The Second Coming" which uses the Apocalypse as a metaphor for post-war Europe.  So, you know, same basic idea.