If you had to pick any pop artist to come out with a wine, who would it be? Ke$ha, a noted fan of alcohol? The Black Eyed Peas, noted fans of any and all product tie-ins and endorsements? Amy Winehouse, a noted person with "wine" in her name (we are not going to joke about a serious condition)?

Nope! It's Train, whose guitarist Jimmy Stafford likes wine. The band's run the Train Wine Club for more than half a year now, where Jimmy and band get to the ever-crucial business of selling/hawking stuff, "building a cult of wine" (in the words of Bob McLynn of Crush Management, who manages Train and runs the club), and giving Jimmy many opportunities to talk about how much he likes wine.

And Jimmy likes wine enough that the band is coming out next month with a 2009 Petite Syrah called--wait for it--"Drops of Jupiter." It's undoubtedly perfect for putting other kinds of stains on the front lobe of your left-side brains or for funneling more money into Train's coffers. Not all of it---a third of the proceeds go to the Family House charity in San Francisco--but some. According to Stafford, they're trying to go the Jimmy Buffett route, which is telling.

All snark aside, though, we're couldn't be more glad Train is making wine. After all, if it keeps them from making music....