Transgender Model Ines-Loan Rau Rocks The Fashion World!

Transgender model Ines-Loan Rau was born male but the fashion world has welcomed the statuesque stunner with open arms. Between the ages of 16 and 18, Rau, now 24, underwent her sex change surgery and says her friends and family were surprisingly supportive.  Now she is living out her dream as a top model in New York City.

Ines with gender-bending BFF Andrej Pejic

"My biggest dream in the world when I was a little girl was to be first of all a princess and then a rock star,' Ines told Oyster Magazine. 'I think, being a fashion model, it's a perfect combination of both!"

The French born cat-walker even posed for Playboy's Art Issue and says she's "always loved [her] body" and has always felt comfortable posing naked, even before her transition. "When you're sexy you give a little bit of yourself to people, so it's more about sharing." Rau shared quite a bit when she stripped down for the racy pics that accompany her Oyster interview.

'It's a very powerful feeling to choose which gender you’re going to be and to go for it,' she says, adding that people in her native Paris have affectionately dubbed her 'the Cinderella of our time' because she was born a male to a modest family.

Ines and Kate Moss


Rau has her French-North African descent to thank for her exotic appeal and says she thinks that her sawn neck is her most alluring feature.

She counts 22-year-old blonde bombshell Andrej Pejic, perhaps the most famous transgender model in the world, as her best friend - "we like to be silly and act like teenagers,"  she says.

And she smirks as she reveals that she was suspended from Instagram three times for posting sexy nude photographs of herself with male supermodel Tyson Beckford.

"Maybe I am too hot for Instagram!"

Always on her i-pad? Seventies stars like Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson and David Bowie. Not surprising since Bowie glamorized gender bending and androgyny. The late lesbian super model Gia was so obsessed with Bowie that she followed him around the country.

Late super model Gia Carangi

"Very fierce, very confident and very powerful," is how Rau moves through life and the ambitious beauty is currently penning her memoirs.




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