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Travolta And Gaga—Is There A Creepy Motive To Their Friendship?

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Who knew Lady Gaga and John Travolta were friends?

Well apparently they are, as proved by Gaga's Instagram post on Wednesday with the caption "I know when John comes to see me in the mornings it's gonna be a good day, what a sweetheart".

Travolta And Gaga—Is There A Creepy Motive To Their Friendship p

He visits her at home in the mornings?  That's a real friend, not the type of 'Hollywood friend' we would have imagined (although to be perfectly honest we wouldn't have imagined any type of friendship between them).

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They are linked by super producer Ryan Murphy, and recently attended a very intimate dinner at Barbra Streisand's house (now she's more of the type of friend we would imagine Travolta to have).

Travolta And Gaga—Is There A Creepy Motive To Their Friendship pp

Now whilst the friendship may of course may be completely innocent and born out of a mutual love of music and Glee, we hope there isn't an agenda to the relationship—at least from one side.

John Travolta Defends ‘Beautiful’ Church Of Scientology

As we all know, Travolta is heavily involved in the cult Church Of Scientology (some might even say held hostage by the all powerful organisation and their vault of intelligence gathered over the years).

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The cult church are known to target high profile celebs to pursue and recruit into their organisation, so is it really beyond the realms of possibility to wonder if there is an ulterior motive behind Travolta's pure, sweet friendship with Lady Gaga?