Are these dudes the next Foster the People?

We premiere the first single from Tree Machines' upcoming debut. It's some LA soul that indie pop needs.

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LA is the center of a certain kind of indie pop

Intimate but glossy, marketed cute but still Sunset Strip. And like The Doors, Van Halen and, uh, Linkin Park, Douglas Wooldridge and Patrick Aubry have made the trek to the Whisky a Go Go and have pitched their vision to a 500-person crowd of disenchanted devotes of Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. And now they're pitching their vision to us: giving us the first single from their debut album as the Tree Machines, something called "Waiting on the Sun," which we're happy to be premiering on Popdust. Think "Punching In A Dream" recorded in hundred degree heat. Think Foster the People with a little bit of soul. Think the warm intimacy inside peak Pet Shop Boys. Take a listen:

"Los Angeles is a lonely city," the band tells us in advance of Up For Air's debut single. The album will be released later this year but the band has already found some success with the release of an EP that included a single called "Fucking Off Today," which the band's publicity calls "an impossible-to-ignore opening salvo that expressed Midwestern malaise." Like Axl Rose, Wooldridge and Aubry hail from the middle of the west, taking the first proverbial bus out of, in their case, Lawrence, Kansas. "We [wanted] a chance to play our music out, and not be ostracized from the local scene because we're not hip enough," Aubry says of a hometown that's raised bands like The Get Up Kids, Mates of State and Minus Story, the latter famous for developing their own "wall of crap" sound.

But Wooldridge and Aubry (along with producer Mike Giffin, who has previously worked on the soundtrack for Dear White People (2014), now being made into a Netflix series) aren't interested in mess for the sake of mess. These are clean shaven men who spot the occasional beard, but that's not like their thing. No Father John Misty, no ranting instead of rocking. When the electro solo comes on, we cheer. Woo.

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