Trey Songz Foreign Remix Featuring Justin Bieber Is Super Hot!

Trey Songz' sixth studio album Trigga is ready to start burning up the charts next Tuesday.

Everyone has heard the original version of Foreign, so how about adding some Justin Bieber to the remix?

Not surprisingly, the result doesn't make for the usual Biebs family-friendly fare—so, shield your ears babyliebers—this is a song that is definitely for the adults. Let's just say that things are about to get a little steamy right about now.

This isn't the first time the Biebs has gotten a little down and dirty—and, let's face it, it most certainly won't be the last.

Bieber takes the first verse and part of the chorus, then Songz takes it from there.

"She got on a bad bikini, when we in the Lamborghini. She from another country, but I brought her to the city with me," Bieber croons.

The two join forces to sing, "after we leave girl, you know where you going. Straight to the 'tel, you ain't leaving till the morning."

Songz says he is excited for people to hear the Foreign remix because people wouldn't expect to hear Bieber, or know it's him on the track.

“It’s incredible. We’ve seen Justin Bieber grow in the last few years. People have a lot of opinions on how he’s chosen to live his life in a lot of ways, but one thing we can’t deny is that musically he’s evolved. Last year he went out on an edge and made the world — basically — accept him doing R&B," Trey spilled to MTV.

Bieber isn't the only featured artist on Songz' new album.

Trigga also includes work from Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Mila J, and Ty Dolla $ign.

The compilation includes 17 tracks, including the original and remix version of Foreign, along with Na Na, SmartPhones, and Change Your Mind.

You can stream the entire Trigga album here.


Pick up a copy of Trigga on iTunes.

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