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True Detective's rumored for a revival, but should it come back?

The polarizing HBO series may be returning for a season three

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Recent reports suggest the HBO crime series may be back on the air after a two year limbo

We may have gotten a little more evidence yesterday that time is a flat circle, when out of the blue HBO's True Detective made headlines despite being off the air for almost two years. The HBO crime anthology series has been left in limbo since it's polarizing second installment wrapped and was seemingly destined to fade away into obscurity as the network moved its attention to other crime and western themed programs. But yesterday news broke that the series was being eyed for a potential revival, with original show runner Nic Pizzolatto having completed the scripts for the first few episodes and while collaborating with the creator of HBO's acclaimed Deadwood, David Milch. While there's still nothing definitive about True Detective's return, it's hard to deny prospects look far more optimistic than it did just a few months ago.

With this new round of rumors, there still remains plenty of questions, with the largest being what might a season three of this show look like? A critical and ratings success, the first season of the show was elevated by the impressive and compelling work from series leads Mathew McConaughey (during the peak of the McConaissance) and Woody Harrelson. Yet the series earned some backlash for its treatment of female characters, viewing their sole onscreen purpose as supporting and being sexually objectified by the male leads. The second season attempted to replace McConaughey and Harrelson with a quartet of leads featuring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch, and Vince Vaughn. Yet, the season was never able to live up to the exciting heights of the first with the show purging viewers and becoming a cultural punching bag. Will HBO take up McConaughey's offer to resurrect his season one character Rust Cohle or try to reinvent itself with Milch reportedly on board?

Speaking as a viewer who devoured the first season and quickly abandoned the second, at the top of my wish list is the return of director Cary Joji Fukanaga who shot every episode of the first season and gave us one of the most impressive TV sequences in recent years with its epic tracking shot.

Beyond that I hope the series leaves all its old characters and hyper-masculinity behind and take the opportunity to create something completely unlike any of the thousands of crime shows currently airing or streaming. Though the show may end up being a one-season wonder, I'll hope these recent developments open the door to fresh and exciting television.