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McDonald's Twitter throws shade at Trump; how will Donald respond?

Is clown-on-clown crime on the rise? I'm lovin' it.

In what McDonald's representatives claim to be a hacking incident this morning, the McDonald's Twitter account posted some pretty incendiary things about Donald Trump.

There sure is a lot of hacking going on these days.

The Trump-damning tweet was shared over 1,500 times before McDonald's deleted it. Now, the conservative Twittersphere is afire with #BoycottMcDonalds hashtags and Euro-Twitter is full of "I'd love to see Americans not eat McDonald's" jokes. But does McDonald's have a beef with Donald? Will Donald have a beef with McDonald's? Only time will tell.

But who was behind the hack?

While the McDonald's corporation maintains their innocence, people everywhere are wondering who was behind the hack. Was it even really a hack, or did a McDonald's social media manager make a colossal mistake? Did Snoop Dogg authorize the cyber-attack as retaliation against Trump for his Tweets yesterday? Was the creepy Burger King behind the hack, intent on stealing Ronald McDonald's client base for his own empire?

How will Trump respond?

The real thing on everyone's mind is how Donald will retaliate. After flaming former pals Snoop Dogg and Meryl Streep, will Trump take on the multi-billion dollar fast-food chain? Trump was famously photographed eating a Big Mac on the campaign trail last year, but at this point, is there anyone he won't turn on?

If Trump goes on a Tweet-storm about how McDonald's is an evil, failing corporation tomorrow morning at 6am, remember that he's probably just projecting insecurities about his own evil, failing corporation.

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