Try As He Might, Adam Levine Can't Get Minka Kelly To Stay For "One More Night"

Tim Riggins did say Texas is forever, and Friday Night Lights fans past and present will enjoy the mini-Dillon reunion that takes place in the latest Maroon 5 video, "One More Thing." Front man Adam Levine plays a boxer—a storied music video role inhabited by the likes of Nick Lachey—living Minka Kelly and their daughter, in the clip directed by Peter Berg (of FNL fame and Battleship infamy). We wonder how many rounds of drawing straws the guys had to do in order to settle on Adam playing her love interest? The two have a baby, a goldfish and lots of photographed memories together, but it isn't enough to keep Kelly happy with a man who welcomes punches to that beautiful face for a living. Despite family meal time and a victorious match, Levine returns home to an empty house free of both his baby and lady. We don't know everything he's done, but sprawling the photographs and trophies across the floor seems like overkill, Lyla.

Considering he boxes for a living, we'll allow five minutes of wallowing before making requisite "get back in the ring!" comments in reference to his dating life. Yes, she's left him and yes, this is the woman who inflicted her Helen of Troy-like powers across the entire Lonestar State, but isn't it always on to the next one? Good thing Levine loves ladies so much. Watch below.

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