Terry Richardson blacklisted by Condé Nast

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Now Richardson is on the chopping block.

Following the recent events surrounding Harvey Weinstein, a new sexual harasser is being ostracized from the fashion world: Terry Richardson. Richardson is a 52-year-old American fashion photographer that has been accused of sexual harassment and assault since 2009.

On Monday night, a report by The Telegraph stated that Conde Nast International has blacklisted Richardson in an email circulating the staffers. Conde Nast is an American mass media company that owns such publications as GQ, Vanity Fair and Vogue.

The email reportedly stated, "Condé Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson" and is rumored to have been sent by James Woolhouse, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Work that has already been commissioned by the photographer should be "killed or substituted with other material," thus completely blocking Richardson out of their publications.

Perhaps this move was responding to past allegations against Richardson, perhaps it was a good publicity stunt in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein debacle. However, it's important to remember everything Richardson has done in the past and why this is a good move, regardless of the motives.


Richardson's alleged sexual exploitation of his models started around this time. His intern Alex came forward of her mistreatment when Richardson published a photograph of her giving him oral sex from a trash can, wearing a tiara that read "Slut."


Model Sena Cech alleged that Richardson's assistant asked her to "grab his cock and twist it real hard."


Model Rie Rasmussen confronted Richardson in Paris about how he'd used her photos next to nude underaged girls. She also said that his work was manipulative and degrading to women. Former model Jamie Peck also came forward that Richardson suggested that she should make tea with her used tampons and asked her to touch his penis.

Along with these two women, a bunch of other models also came forward to Jezebel about their experiences with Richardson. Coco Rocha added to the extent of the allegations by stating that she'd never work with Richardson again.


The climax of these allegations occurred during this year — Sara Ziff and Alise Shoemaker both came out against Richardson. Reddit user amaheygirlhey posted a thread about the sexual acts Richardson manipulated her into doing. Emma J. Appleton posted a text thread where Richardson asked her for sex. A NYC based writer "Anna" claimed that Richardson assaulted her during an impromptu home shoot.

Despite all these allegations, fashion magazines still worked with him — up to 2017. With this Conde Nast International report, Richardson is on the chopping block right next to R. Kelly, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and many more.

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