The fallout from Justin Timberlake's big fat pink wedding keeps getting worse. Initial reports revealed that JT only had room for two members of 'N Sync—Chris Kirkpatrick and J.C. Chasez—at his luxurious Italian ceremony, probably because first-round invitees like Jimmy Fallon, Andy Samberg and 7th Heaven's Beverly Mitchell required their own seats. Quotes from anonymous sources like, "Justin hates Lance now!" were tearing up our hearts, but we took solace in the fact that the actor and MySpace owner hadn't completely lost sight of his past. Now, Chris Kirkpatrick is (politely) setting things straight, telling an Orlando radio station that, nope! No 'N Sync-ers were invited to the wedding. Blame it on The Biel?

"I wasn’t invited to the wedding and from what I know it’s because he didn’t want all of us there," Kirkpatrick told Johnny’s House morning show. “It would be a reunion rather than a wedding," he continued. "It was [Jessica's] day. She’s amazing so [Justin] wanted to make sure it was about her." Guess we know what music doesn't get played in the Timberlake household. Good thing you have love of your own, Chris. We bet Karly just loves hearing your "Thinking Of You (I Drive Myself Crazy)" solo 10 times a day.

Kirkpatrick also cleared up the report that he and his now fiance were creepily vacationing outside the wedding reception, to the left of the party's chocolate fountain. "It’s not like we were right next door to each other," he says of his own Italian travels. "We were on an island." Yes, and when you're on a posh vacay of your own, who would want to don a suit and sit through an original JT composition and hours of grandparents doing the electric slide? "We were at the engagement party," he clarified, explaining the wedding snub left no room for "hard feelings."

As for the others? At least Lance and J.C. snagged a coveted invite to Matthew Morrison's Halloween party.