"Turnt" Trend-Watch 2013: Ciara Clarifies the Definition of "Super Turnt Up

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The latest in a continuing series of “turnt”-watching updates.

Ciara's "Super Turnt Up" has mystified and befuddled us all summer. Fortunately, the "Body Party" crooner guested on Chelsea Lately last night and, after a round a questioning from host Chelsea Handler, treated viewers to an extended riff on the history and etymology of the phrase. Here's the transcript:

Chelsea: What is "Super Turnt Up"?

Ciara: The original term is "turnt up." I'm from Atlanta, we say, "I'm turnt up on this," "I'm turnt up," or "We're gonna go get turnt up tonight," blah blah blah.

Chelsea: Like, it just means, "I'm gonna go get…"

Ciara: Turnt up, yeah! There was no telling what you're gonna say.

Chelsea: I can guess what it says.

Ciara: Right, so you get turnt up. You get turnt up on love, you get turnt up on whatever. It's just super high energy. But now I added "super" to it, so "Super Turnt Up" is like taking it to a whole 'nother level.

Check it out below:


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