TV On The Radio's David Sitek Remixes Lots Of Electronics Into Florence's "No Light, No Light"

It's probably for the best that "Shake It Out" is getting a bigger push from Florence and the Machine's Ceremonials than "No Light, No Light"; even if the former weren't a more glorious song overall, "No Light, No Light" is a perfectly moving, serviceable dulled-relationship track hindered by a video nobody should've signed off on. But you don't need the context of the video, which is also 100% unrelated to the song; it stands on its own.

So here's another way to listen to the song: this busy, buzzy remix by David Sitek, part of indie group TV on the Radio. The restrained stress of Florence's original is buried between a rush of beats and clatter, coming off more like a synthpop track than any of Florence's ceremonious, stately works, and it's just as good a setting for words like "you want a revelation, you want to get right / but it's a conversation I just can't have tonight." Check it out below.


Florence and the Machine - No Light, No Light (Dave Sitek mix) by factmag

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