It's a new year, and with it comes a new look for Popdust's award-winning (in our minds at least) Twitter feud reportage. Stars are feistier than ever, and the number of social networks for them to fight on is only growing—now we'll be your guide to their digital dustups, with a clearer, standardized look at who's feuding over what, where and why. If you're lucky, we'll even pass judgement and tell you who won! 

In what's shaping up to be the best Twitter feud of 2013, two up-and-coming MCs battle it out over sleights both real and imagined. Sexual insults will be spat, and diss tracks will recorded.

Who's Feuding: Harlem MC Azealia Banks and Brooklyn/Virginia/Detroit rapper Angel Haze, former friends who are apparently having a major falling-out just as they prep their respective debut albums.

Medium: Twitter

How It Got Started: Banks sent out a general missive about the rules for claiming New York street cred:

As the Detroit-born Haze recorded a track called "New York" this summer, she assumed Banks was subtweeting about her, and went on the offensive. Banks fired back, and things escalated from there.

Best Shots: There's nothing like a fight between former besties, as old memories get dredged up and both combatants know exactly where to aim their barbs:

Tweets/Accounts Later Deleted: Haze scrubbed her account of her initial remarks, as well as her diss about Banks' skin tone ("I'm sorry for the skin tone tweet, though. I don't have any personal disdain towards dark skinned people. Seriously.") but Banks' tweets all remain.

Endgame: Haze took time out from Twitter to record a diss track, "On the Edge," that summed up all her anti-Banks arguments: "Bitch, I got ammo on you! Bitch, you don't want war!"

And, to take things one step further, Haze incorporated old texts from Banks into some particularly nasty album artwork:

And she finished by laying down the gauntlet:

Who Won? Though she stumbled a bit in her opening gambit, we're going to have to give this one to Haze, for the sheer insanity of her escalation.