Somehow, we don't think all the hand-waving freakoutery about Twitter being a force of social revolution had this caliber of feud in mind. Ugh. Let's go: yesterday P!nk posted the following Franz Ferdinand assassination of a call-to-action tweet:

[blackbirdpie id="71274791079919616"]

Which "stupid music video" would that be? And whose horses? These:

Yep, that's Selena Gomez shooting the video for the self-descriptive "Love You Like a Love Song." P!nk's beef wasn't with the artist per se, or even the use of horses, but the makeup; a fervent PETA supporter, she viewed the shoot as animal cruelty. And honestly, we're Team P!nk--although makeup on animals is technically OK with some caveats, says the American Humane Society, you're telling us Disney can't afford CGI?

As of Friday afternoon, Gomez has been Twitter-silent on the matter--quite possibly the only person who's been silent. See for yourself. After many hours of this, P!nk spoke up again: "oh lord, THAT'S whose video it was? Disney fans unite. here we go."

Here we go, indeed. We live in a world where Twitter outbreaks crop up over painted pink horses. Boys and girls: the apocalypse.

UPDATE: The painted horse clips are not to be. Fortunate or unfortunate? Team P!nk or Team Selena? None of it matters anymore! You can all relax now!