Ah, now we can finally proclaim Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" a hit. Never mind it reaching the most super portions of the Hot 100 (as a Pink Friday bonus track, no less); never mind it becoming the rap song of choice for noted non-rappers like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift even before she turned herself into a one-woman touring covers act who occasionally also plays Speak Now. Never mind it almost singlehandedly turned Nicki Minaj from one-umpteenth (if, to be fair, a standout) of Young Money's group of artists into a solo pop-rap star and style icon for everyone whose sense of style involves wearing as many different neon colors as possible. But no, none of these made "Super Bass" a true hit--it just hadn't reached every demographic. There was one holdout: princesses. And now there isn't.

Below is Sophia Grace Brownlee and her sister Rosie rapping "Super Bass." They do an admirable job for their age, on the verses and the chorus! They've also done "Turn My Swag On" by Keri Hilson, and that's more of this, but honestly, there's a huge missed opportunity here: "Fly"! It's a duet, so nobody has to take turns (anyone who's spend time around kids knows how well that goes over.) The lyrics are mostly age-appropriate. And it's new! Not that everyone has to take our requests, of course, but you know.