Review: Two Door Cinema Club's Fluorescent, Fun 'Gameshow'

"We are the sacred cow / stand up, take a bow." Two Door Cinema Club starts Gameshow with bold statements and a catchy vocal refrain in single "Are We Ready? (Wreck)." The song continues on into a fun, danceable guitar breakdown—a solid start, but not one that defines the album.

Known primarily for their chugging guitars, and happy-go-lucky rabbit-hearted music, Two Door Cinema Club is very easily confused with several other bands in the same vein unless you know exactly who you're listening to. On Gameshow, the band kicks their synths up a notch, with Kevin Baird playing as sleekly as ever, and successfully separate themselves from the likes of Foster The People or Bombay Bicycle Club. It's usually not the best move for an indie rock band to embrace electronica, but Two Door Cinema Club manages to define their sound far better by bringing in the modern.

The twinkling keyboard sprinkled over "Ordinary" makes for a futuristic indie pop romp, and the robotic vocal distortions on outstanding penultimate track "Surgery" would feel more at home on a Daft Punk record, but it works. Two Door Cinema Club is expanding their horizons and their sound, still sounding like the indie rockers we loved on Beacon while playing around with indietronica sounds.

Of course, comparisons are inevitable: "Bad Decisions" sounds like a B-side by The 1975, and "Lavendar," while sweet, is ultimately a throwaway track. All of this goes into being nit-picky; looked at as a whole, Gameshow is a fun, fluorescent joy ride of a record from a band that knows how to have a good time.

Gameshow is out now. Watch the video for "Are We Ready? (Wreck)" below.

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