Watch Ty Segall lose his head in the new video for "Break A Guitar"

The video for the song off his newest album features Jack Black and Fred Armisen smashing guitars and falling into the void

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Garage rocker Ty Segall enlisted Fred Armisen and Jack Black for the new video for his song, "Break A Guitar," smashing and exploding guitars as it spirals down into the black. The song comes off his latest album, the second to be called Ty Segall. While other songs on the album might be more reflective and meaningful lyrically, "Break A Guitar" just wants to make noise. Watch the new video below:

Released in January, Ty Segall has met mostly critical praise for its surprising track-to-track movements and constant energy. But "Break A Guitar," the album's opening track, demonstrates the best disregard for trying too hard, showing as little care for its lyrics as it does for the guitars in the video.

"Baby gonna break a guitar / Gonna make it a real big star," he sings, in possibly the most generic rock rhyme there is. And to try to one-up himself: "Come on, take it / Take my guitar / I'll be at the bar." Other than the "It's gonna rain" lines, the only rhymes in the song are guitar, star and bar.

It's a song that doesn't need lyrics and wouldn't care if it did, anyway. Segall plays his guitar with as much distorted crunch as he can generate, substituting noises for solos in some of his live performances. He solos on this one, though, with a bit of dueling action near the end. He reaches past and around the standard scales for some aggressive, high-pitched battle moves between the two guitar tracks.

Meanwhile, Armisen, Black and the other cut-out figures in the video trash and blow up every guitar that appears, in pretty exquisite slow motion against the black background of the abyss. By the video's end, the shot is filled with an incomprehensible, Sgt. Pepper-style-style collage of all of the characters, screaming Jack Black heads, Fred Armisen in a martial arts outfit and the band squeezed in the middle.

The album's later tracks move into more personal territory and show off the less explosive side of Segall's songwriting. But "Break A Guitar" starts the album with a reminder that whatever follows, whether it's a ten-minute epic journey or a pretty pop tune, the roots are in the guitar and it's his duty to make sounds come out of it. The video ends by zooming out of Segall's ear as he sits in a blank room, unable to focus on the blank computer in front of him. The noise is overwhelming. And in the same way that the album ends with the twelve-second "Untitled," a single, conclusive, gritty strum of the guitar, the video ends with an ultra-gory, slow-motion head explosion. Segall's opening song is exciting, meaningless, noisy, fun rock and roll.

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