The following tweet could have been plucked from the grim, primordial depths of a blogger's amygdala, where deep fears are forged:

You can discern a lot from this one tweet! Lana Del Rey or her people reached out to Tyler, probably with the following reason: "Hey, Tyler's got a fanbase, right? People talk about him almost as much as they talk about us, right? And it's not like Lana hasn't been a hook singer before, and it'll be a hell of a lot better than her rapping, and it'll fit with the whole Jeff Bhasker Lolita-in-the-hood branding stuff we've got going on." And all of that reasoning got OK'd, and Tyler was like "sure, OK, why not," because Tyler is generally like "sure, OK, why not," and this is probably going to happen, and even though Tyler probably really does have pretty instrumentals this doesn't need to happen. We've rounded up the world's responses below.