Tyler, the Creator Sets Album Release Date, Punks Music Sites

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Though rap collective Odd Future have yet to sign a record deal, the primary members of the group who aren't in jail (or, like, on vacation somewhere) all have deals to release albums separately. Tyler, the Creator's deal is with XL, and they'll release Goblin, his second solo album, on May 10. Tyler announced this development by placing an ad on various websites that have talked about him (like Pitchfork), but the ad was... well, it looked like this:

...which is not exactly informative. Clicking on the ad sends you to a site where you hear a little bit of a new song and see the message "FUCK 2DOPEBOYZ & NAH RIGHT / GOBLIN IN STORES MAY 10." An exegesis of this comment and how placing the ad on these sites was a BURN would take more time than it's worth, so I'll just point you toward The Fader's take. But that's Odd Future's whole schtick: Instead of trying to expose more people to their music, they only engage with people who engage with them, and even then generally only engage in order to complain. The fact that it's worked so well is a testament to the power of making people feel like insiders, and that's the point of an ad like this. Of course, it wouldn't work if the group wasn't good enough in the first place to make people want to engage with them. That's the hard part, and Odd Future has it down.

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