Oh, so Tyler, the Creator is one of those people, as MTV has shown us:

"If I lose to any of those wackass videos, I'm gonna be mad because they all suck — except for Adele's."

Granted, said videos are indeed pretty wackass--we still can't remember anything about the "Grenade" video, or that there even was one. And Adele's not the only person who escaped Tyler's disdain--he's a fan of Odd Future collaborator Kreayshawn and of Wiz Khalifa. But this still sounds like one of those kids complaining about "fake mainstream pop"--you know, those kids Tyler just complained about a few hours ago. (Following Tyler, the Creator means you get statements roughly five times an hour with five swears per.) What's next--criticizing Rihanna's "S&M" for not being Adele-like?

The standard caveat applies, of course--it's best not to take anything Tyler, the Creator says too seriously. Previous Tyler statements include that he is a fucking nice lamp and a really pretty table, as well as many other things less printable, so he's a bit of an unreliable narrator. His immediate response to being nominated veered from "if Bruno Mars wins I'm going on a killing spree" to "if I lose, it's cool, I'm just (fucking) happy to be nominated) in seconds. In short, he is trolling for headlines. And getting them. Sure, why not? You win, Tyler. Maybe you'll also win the VMAs.