Tyrant Recap—How To Overthrow A Psychopath...For Dummies

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True or False? Tyrant Tuesday is the best freaking day of the week. If you didn’t answer true, we’re breaking up.

Well, our little Barry has grown some major balls because he goes to Tucker and tells him in no uncertain terms that there will be no peace in Abbudin with Jamal in power, and he wants to orchestrate a coup and oust his brother from the presidency. It should be noted that while the two were having this conversation, Bassam was clutching a bottle of booze in a brown paper bag. It was all very “bum in the park” chic. Bassam is surprised to learn that Tucker and even Yussef are on board with ousting Jamal from power, and they even got some woman named Leah from some secret US government agency to help in the process. Bassam tells them that the only way he will agree to go overthrow his brother is if Jamal and Leila get full immunity and get to keep their money. Aww, how sweet. Tucker tells him that in order to pull this off, they’ll need the M&M’s…military, money, and media. They pretty much have everything they need except for media, and Yusseff tells them that Nusarat’s father Haqim run’s the country’s largest television network. After Jamal finger popped Nusarat’s cherry then hung Haqim up for target practice, they’re pretty sure he’ll be on board with screwing Jamal over.

Meanwhile, Jamal is so touched by Bassam’s act of brotherhood (ahem, murder) that he’s doing everything he can to make it up to him and prove that he’s really a good person at heart. He’s playing soccer with orphan kids and dedicating parks, both to bolster his image and to show his brother that he’s a changed man.

While at the soccer field, Ahmed confides to his father that Nusarat says she was violated…by one of the teenagers who kidnapped her. Later Jamal goes to see Nusarat and tells her that he can see how his actions could have been misconstrued, and he apologized. Well, shit, that fixes everything! Because apologies can regrow hymens. She then disrobes and tells him to finish the job, but surprisingly he walks away.

Bassam tells Molly that he wants them all to go back to the US for a week “for a break” from all the madness. Molly breaks the news to the kids and surprise, surprise that little prick Sammy throws a fit. Molly’s not exactly completely on board with leaving and Bassam is forced to tell her why he wants them all out of the country. She proceeds to have an epic meltdown, as is her way, but agrees to take the kids back to Pasadena…possibly for good.

Tyrant airs Tuesday nights on FX. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!


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