Tyrant Recap—It's All About The He Said, She Said Bullsh*t

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Tyrant Tuesday is once again upon us, and this week was definitely not the week to be vacationing in Abbudin.

Everyone is advising Bassam that in order to remove Jamal from power, they first have to remove Tariq. In order to do that, they convince Jamal that Tariq is talking shit on Jamal’s ability to lead. They tell him that Tariq has been spreading rumors about him wanting to run off to live happily ever after on an island with some hooker and not be President anymore. Which, as you know, actually happened. That is, before he smothered her to death with a pillow. But I digress. Anyway, Jamal tells Bassam that he thinks Tariq is planning to overthrow him, and now he loves his brother more than ever for trying to protect him. Later, Jamal and his new head of military plot to arrest Tariq for treason.

Bassam took Sammy and Emma to the Bedouin village where his father was from to teach them about their roots. When they get home, Bassam finds out that instead of arresting the military leaders that Jamal thought were plotting against him, he had them all blown to shit in an airplane “accident.” All but Tariq, who was thrown in a deep dark dungeon because, you know, he’s family.

With all that is going on, Jamal begs Molly to keep her composure and try to act like nothing’s wrong. But per usual, Molly is being a little bitch. Why are you being so difficult Molly?!? Can’t you see Bassam is trying to carry out a crazy complicated coup?? And shut up your annoying little sister Jenna too. Seriously, what purpose does this character have on the show other than to make the viewers want to claw their eyes out? Molly is told by Tucker that when she and the kids return to the USA, they’ll have to live in a safe house for the foreseeable future and that they’ll basically have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of their lives. She loses it big time and begs Bassam to forget this crazy idea and just go back to California with her and the kids. He refuses and she tells him not to expect her and the kids to come back to Abbudin when he takes power.

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