Tyrant Recap—It's Called Diplomacy, Dumbass

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It’s Tyrant Tuesday people, and if you’re not watching this show you are seriously missing out on some of the best television we’ve seen years.

In a bad ass move, Bassam cancels his meeting with Ihab to basically take him down a peg. He knows that Ihab was never willing to negotiate with him, and he only wanted to show his power in front of his followers. Instead Bassam wants to meet with Ihab’s father, Sheikh Rashid, the man who almost made peace with his father, and with Tucker’s help the Sheikh agrees to meet. After Bassam pleads with him to continue the negotiations that he started with his father, the Sheikh tells him that it is now a young man’s fight (meaning his son’s) and he no longer cares about peaceful negotiation.

Jammal’s not doing so great. He’s been secretly watching the video of Muammar Gaddafi’s death by mob and clearly doesn’t want to end up in the same situation. Hmmm, you mean he doesn’t want to end up with a bayonet up his ass? That’s odd. He becomes angry and eager to flex his muscles and prove his authority, basically no longer willing to use diplomacy to solve his problems. He gives Bassam 24 hours to clear the plaza peacefully, thinking that Bassam met with Ihab.

Jamal finds out through Tariq that Bassam never actually met with Ihab. He’s done messing around and tells Tariq to “clear the plaza.” When Bassam arrives back at the palace, Jamal is ready to rip him a new one for lying about meeting with Ihab. As they argue, Tucker rushes in to show them all a video. The Sheikh returned to Abbudin out of exile and spoke in the plaza with his son demanding to meet with Jamal. Bassam tells Jamal that this is the perfect opportunity to finish what their father had started, and reluctantly Jamal tells Tariq to remove his troops from the plaza.

In other news, Molly is still so effing annoying. She thinks that what Bassam is doing trying to make peace is too dangerous and he has a wife and kids blah, blah, blah. Does she not remember that Bassam didn’t even want to go back to Abbudin in the first place?! She did! And she was all, “You need to express your feelings.” Nobody likes you Molly.

Oh, and Nusrat is screwed. She gets the courage to go home to her parents and tell them what Jamal did to her. When her father goes to Leila and Jamal to ask for a divorce, Jamal literally hangs him up for target practice and shoots him in the stomach. Umm, so is that a no?

Tyrant airs Tuesday nights on FX. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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