Tyrant Recap—Murder Is The New Black

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Ding, dong the Sheikh isn’t dead?! It's Tyrant Tuesday so buckle up, bitches.

Apparently last week Jamal should’ve bashed his head in a little harder, because as soon as Sheikh Rashid is found on the men’s room floor, Bassam and Molly are able to find a pulse and get him to the hospital. Once there, the doctor informs everyone that it’s possible that the Sheikh will regain consciousness. That is reeeeally shitty news for Jamal, and he has no choice but to confess to Bassam that he tried to kill the Sheikh. And to make matters worse, Jamal tells him that since the Rashids trust him for saving the Sheikh’s life, Bassam must sneak into the hospital room and finish the job. Bassam’s response? “I wanna go home.” Waaaaah! Jamal also confesses what he did to Leila, and guess what? She was proud of him, of course! He should’ve asked her to finish the job. She would’ve done it without breaking a sweat.

Amira  goes to Bassam and tells him that twenty years ago, it wasn’t the Sheikh or his followers who bombed their army barracks, but in fact it was his Uncle Tariq. And when Bassam’s father knew better than to retaliate, Tariq gassed Maan without his consent. At first Bassam refuses to believe her, but then realizes it's all true. Later he goes to the hospital and asks Ihab if he can speak to the unconscious Sheikh. He apologizes for what Tariq did to him and the people of Maan, and to really show his remorse, he injects him with a lethal dose of medication. All in the name of peace for Abbudin, of course. Hours later, and without anyone suspecting foul play, he dies.

Jamal goes to his hooker Katrina to take the edge off. He confesses to her that he doesn’t like being president and he wants to run away with her to his compound in the Maldives and leave the whole world behind. While he’s there, Bassam calls to tell him that the “job” was taken care of. Jamal is a blubbering idiot and can’t believe his brother loved him enough to murder the Sheikh. Yeah, he loves you, he really loves you! Jamal is having a real existential crisis here, but he quells those feelings very quickly by smothering Katrina to death with a pillow! What?! Whyyyy?! That hooker had a heart of gold.

Almost forgettably, Molly’s artsy sister Jenna shows up, and if you can believe it she’s even more annoying than Molly. Upon seeing the lap of luxury that her sister’s living in, she asks to stay and move into the palace. Ummm, inappropriate you freeloading cow! Can’t wait to see how much we all end up hating this one.

Tyrant airs Tuesday nights on FX. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!


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