Tyrant Recap—The Badass Beacon Of Hope

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On this week’s episode of Tyrant, everyone at the palace gets all dolled up to welcome their sworn enemies, Ihab and Sheikh Rashid, because it’s always best to backstab in a ball gown.

Jamal wants the thousands of people out of the plaza and the Sheikh can make that happen, but he wants something in return – for there to be open elections held in Abbudin for the office of President open to anyone who wishes to run. Ummmmm, come again?? Bassam is pissed that his peace negotiations bit him in the ass and Jamal revisits sending troops into the plaza. Tariq informs him that there will likely be thousands injured and hundreds dead. Apparently those are pretty good odds for Jamal.  Meanwhile, Bassam is actually trying to convince Jamal that allowing free elections would be a good thing and that losing the presidency, the palace and power is meh, not the worst thing in the world. Very astute, Barry. Learn that in Pasadena, did you? Well, not to worry because Bassam thinks they can win back the people and win the election. Hahahahahaha!

Amazingly, Jamal agrees and is actually digging being a “beacon of hope” in the Middle East. Leila not so much. She’s definitely not down with possibly losing the palace. Oh, and Jamal’s dick now works but Leila doesn’t give a shit. So he takes care of that by banging some blonde American skank.

Jamal is way behind in the polls, and he can’t understand why the people hate him so much and love the Sheikh. He gets a pep talk from Bassam and heads to a gathering where he will sign an amendment to the constitution allowing for free elections in Abbudin. On the way, Jamal slips into the bathroom for some alone time and who walks in but the Sheikh. He begins having a coughing attack and rather than help him, Jamal slams his head into a toilet and kills him. Bam, suck it pollsters!

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