Tyrant Recap—You Try Running A Country With Half A Penis!

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Tyrant is FX’s new critically acclaimed show, and it’s crazy good. Tuesday night needed something other than Celebrity Wife Swap, so thanks FX.

First of all, Leila is a power hungry bitch. When Jamal wakes up after his first night home from the hospital, he finds Laila showering in his shower. Too bad his dick doesn’t work. Leila isn’t happy that Bassam is staying in Abbudin. Bitter, party of one, your table’s now available. Meanwhile, Bassam wants his family to go back to California, but his annoying wife Molly wants them to stay. Ugh, even her name is boring.

Now that they’ve buried their father and Jamal is president, Bassam and Jamal meet with other Abbudin government officials and Bassam is named Special Councel to the President. Fancy! The husband of the woman who tried to kill Jamal with a shot of poison (and in the process bit off his penis) confessed to knowing about the poison and blamed everything on Ihab.

Fauzi’s daughter Samira can’t seem to keep her dumb ass away from Ihab. Turns out she’s in love with him. Hundred bucks says this chick ends up dead.

General Tariq announces that Ihab and his men were captured, and that they plan to hang Ihab in the town square. That doesn’t sit too well with Bassam who thinks that public hangings are a little, oh I don’t know, BARBARIC! Just as he begins to voice his opinion, he gets a phone call from Fauzi, and guess what? Dumbass Samira got arrested with Ihab. Fauzi claims that it was someone else, not Ihab, who put the woman up to killing Jamal. He says that if Bassam can free his daughter he’ll give him the name.

Bassam somehow gets Samira out of jail and takes her back to Fauzi. As promised, Fauzi gave him the name of the man. He claims it was Hamid, the husband of Boner Biter. Bassam goes to see him in jail, and after a while he confesses that he and his wife plotted to kill Jamal after he had raped her a million times and that Tariq is blaming Ihab so that he has a reason to kill him. Bassam is shocked by his brother’s behavior. Really, Bassam? He goes to Jamal, puts him in a choke hold and tells him he’s insane. Jamal promises that now that he’s the president he won’t behave badly anymore. Bassam convinces him to release Ihab and his gang because they weren’t responsible for the attempt on his life, and if the media and the rest of the world found out that they hung an innocent radical they’d be in deep shit.

Shockingly, he agrees.

In other news, Sammy and Abdul share an intimate moment on a starlit beach, and by intimate moment of course we mean blow job. This kid clearly didn’t listen to his sister when she told him being gay in Abbudin isn’t the same as being gay in California. Tell it to his erection, Emma.

Tyrant airs Tuesday nights on FX. What did you think of this week’s episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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