Tyrant Season Finale Recap—You Should Have Stayed On The Damn Boat!

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WARNING: Shit. Just. Got. Real.

So General Ziad has taken over the army and Bassam and his cronies make the final preparations to overthrow Jamal. Only there’s a problem. The US State Department pulls out of the plan. Basically they feel that now that Tariq is out of the picture, Bassam can pretty much keep Jamal on a leash and there’s no longer a need for the coup. They don’t even care if Jamal rigs the election. Bassam calls bullshit big time. He tells Tucker that he’s going ahead with his plans with or without the US. And, if the US pulls out of the deal and he’s captured, he’s going to send a letter to the NY Times exposing their little usurping scheme. Tucker shits himself and basically the State Department is blackmailed into continuing with the coup.

Meanwhile, Molly’s being a big baby about the whole thing and she's all, “Just tell me everything’s going to be ok.” He tells her…with his penis. Poor guy. He used to bang Leila and now he get's to 'make love' to Molly. Let’s all stop pretending that sex with Molly is either fun or enjoyable. She would bore the boner right out of your pants.

Oh, and that sister of hers Jenna has officially fulfilled her role as “the f*ck up.” She convinces Emma to go shopping with her on the day they’re supposed to leave for the US. C’mon Emma, you’re smarter than this!!! While they’re out they get their wallets and phones stolen, naturally, and they cause everyone to miss their flights back to the States. Tucker is pissed and makes them all wait at the Embassy until everything settles down after the coup.

Bassam and Jamal go fishing because Jamal wants to get drunk and bond. They talk about their lives and their dreams for the future, then at Bassam’s request they head home. When they return, a group of troops approach them, presumably to arrest Jamal, but HOLY SHIT IT’S TARIQ!!! Jamal tells Bassam that he knew all along and tried to get Bassam to change his mind all afternoon on the boat. He even says that if Bassam would have asked him for the presidency he would have given it to him. But since he didn’t, he let’s Tariq arrest him.

Amira asks Jamal to have mercy on Bassam; to just exile him and his family instead of having him killed. Meanwhile all Bassam’s known associates are shot via firing squad, sooooo it doesn’t look like Jamal is in a very merciful mood. Leila and Tariq tell Jamal that Bassam needs to be killed to let the people of Abuddin know that there is only one punishment for treason. He seemed legitimately unsure of what to do for about ten seconds, but decides that he will sentence Bassam to death.

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