I Have a Love-Hate Relationship With "Avant Basic" Influencer Style

You know it. You love it. Or, it just hurts your eyes.

@kjplumb on Instagram

Recently, I encountered a viral tweet that perfectly encapsulated a concept I'd been trying to define on my own for months.

"I hereby christen this style: avant basic," writer Emma Hope Allwood declared in the tweet. Attached was a screenshot of an Instagram feed belonging to Lisa Says Gah, a trendy e-commerce fashion website known for carrying small brands whose vibrant colors, vintage-inspired silhouettes, and whimsical patterns can be spotted in many a microinfluencer's closet.

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The Best Cow Print Clothes and Accessories to Channel Your Inner Beyoncé

Black Is King made us realize we need a cow print dress, stat.

If there's anything more visually stunning than Beyoncé herself in her new visual Black Is King, then it's the fashion donned by Queen Bey and her plethora of co-stars.

Set to the music from Beyoncé's 2019 album The Lion King: The Gift, Black Is King is an artistic spectacle. From elaborate sets to costumes that belong in a museum, the film is chock-full of memorable moments—namely that fantastic cow print outfit.

Animal print has been having a moment for quite a while. Last summer saw the reign of the leopard midi skirt, while winter welcomed an abundance of zebra print. Those prints surely aren't going anywhere anytime soon, but lately, they've faced competition with the latest arrival from the animal kingdom: cows.

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