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In a not-so-shocking (albeit still extremely pleasing) pop superstar news update, the always fearless Bad Gal RiRi has revealed her latest badass beauty moment. Hi there, head-turning, nearly knee-length, gorgeous dreadlocks. We heart you hardcore. Slaying specifics: Just last night, Rihanna stepped/strutted out of the perma-trendy celeb hotspot known as SoHo's Mercer Kitchen, all the while clad in a 2Pac off-the-shoulders, oversized vintage tee. It was paired with a leather jacket, form-fitting leather pants, leather sneakers and a massive bag. But aptly twas the seriously lengthy locs that everyone is still Tweeting about/losing their damn minds over. #SAME

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We can all agree that the no-fucks-given "Kiss It Better" singer has gifted our eyes/given us many a goose-bump for years and years via her killer style and slew of beauty reinventions. (Madonna, who? JK!) I mean, who else can switch one's sartorial-slaying shit up from majorly over-priced street wear and scandalous S&M-inspired numbers to designer-clad elegance and that fantastic "ghetto gothic" era. (Not one soul.) Oh, there's also her recent rocking of a Halloween/Valentine's Day-friendly enormous fox fur heart during a night on the town. She also, gasp, wore its zaniness in the morning. (We love a celeb who doesn't follow the "you can only wear it once" silly rule.)

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Back to the gorgeous dreads. It's important to note that the Barbadian beauty Instagrammed the locks with a "buffalo $oldier" caption. That'd be a reference to Bob Marley's song of the same name, which brings us to believe that this is a political beauty statement. Reminder: that recent and messy "Should dreadlocks be banned in the workplace?" debate. (Answer: hell no. Also, who ARE you vile people?!) So, yep x1000, the 2014 apt recipient of CFDA's Style Icon trophy has just made us respect and live for her iconic, fearless self even more. In short: Badgal RiRi is our kind of pop star. #NeverChange

PS This wasn't Rihanna's first dreads moment...!

It has recently come to our attention/delight that comedian/national treasure/YouTube viral star, Drew Droege, has triumphantly returned with his iconic/hysterical embodiment of forever the alt queen, Chloë Sevigny. If you aren't familiar with the amazingness, get on with it/WTF is wrong with you?! (Hi, his debut video, "Birthdays," boasts over 600K views.) In Drew's latest sure-to-soon-be viral video, "Haunted House," he kicks things off with the "Good evening, America" signature intro. In other words, put down the Xanax, as the aforementioned three magic words will surely brighten one's darkest of days. Without it, it'd be like Wendy Williams sans her perpetual "How You Doin'?" AKA it'd be a downright bloody mess.

Let's keep it moving. Chloë's version of a haunted house translates to identity theft, being forced to watch The English Patient, and seeing "a fully realized Nordstrom rack," amongst other travesties. We have to say that those are pretty mild frights compared to these terrors which we 100% share with Chloë. You know, like, sampling "the mildest of mayonnaises, unactivated almonds, and a popped tart" in a VIP tasting suite. The horror! Also, if you survive that madness, throw on your chicest armor in preparation for the assault of all assaults -- AKA a psychotic onslaught of "amateur art." (Speaking of art, the psychedelic backdrops are every f'n thing. Also, the exploding Chloë/kittens, the Sharknado-ish attack, and the "it's raining eggs" moment.) Spooky spoiler alert: the biggest scare of them all is definitely the blink-and-you'll-miss-it-Chloë-morphing-into-Ann fucking-Coulter maniacal moment. *Hides under the covers for all eternity* As Chloë herself says it/pronounces it, obviously with perfectly executed pretentiousness, "Happy howl-ting."

Take a ghoulish gander yourself, and thank us later.

PS. Who's dressing up as Drew's tweed-clad Chloe Sevs this Halloween? (Answer: me.)

Another very important reminder: The Brit Brit promo for the Glory era is so damn, well, glorious. (Sorry, had to!) The iconic homegirl must be bloody knackered as a result of her chaotic UK promo tour! (We are actually CERTAIN that Britney's at a Starbucks at this very moment -- and it obviously involves a Trenta moment.) Well, glorious news for Spears -- she's garnered some free promo and a well-deserved break from all of the immaculate pelvic-thrusting, hair-whipping, booty-bouncing via an unofficial and trending today lyric video for fan-favorite Glory Girl Power bop, "Do You Wanna Come Over?" Created by an apparently psychotically talented artist (whose VEVO username is Luigi Luciano), an animated, lonely and lingerie-clad Spears is serving us severe Femme Fatale vibes in the NSFW-ish clip.

So, this is how it all goes salaciously down: Animated Brit Brit finds herself using what seems to definitely be a hook-up app, asking a hunk or three if they'd like to, yaaas queen, come over. In true she's-just-like-us form, Britney deals with a tragic rejection (the loser actually responds to the sex kitten's inquiry with a "BYE!") and side-eye-friendly disappointment re: someone just not up to Spears' stud standards. (See also: the problematic unibrow.) Britney, who apparently has a penchant for keeping her curtains open, gets "Lucky" (see what we did there?) though when spotting her sweating stud of a neighbor checking her out from his window. The "Private Show" singer gives said stud a bit of a, yaaas queen part two, private show. That is, until his girlfriend catches the apparent "Womanizer" losing his mind over the writhing Princess of Pop. Who could blame him? And who could blame Britney for yearning for a little loving? As she coos on "Boys," a hit from the early aughts, "Boys, sometimes a girl just needs one…" But don't get it twisted, boys: "And when a girl is with one, then she's in control!"

Dear Team Brit,

We highly recommend/demand getting Luigi on the phone like, right now for Britney's forthcoming single(s). It's basically the only way we'll forgive that "Make Me…" music video mess… K thx bai! xo