Survivor's Remorse | Episode 6 "Reparations" Exclusive Clip

TV | Ernie Hudson guest stars in this never before seen clip from Sunday's episode 406 "Reparations"

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If you like complex storylines that go down smooth as whiskey, great writing, knowing the business behind balling, and acting from some living and forming legends, Survivor's Remorse is on every Sunday night at 10 PM. If you've been taking this journey through life with me, then you know three things about my feelings towards the show:

  1. One of the main character's Jessie T. Usher, and one of the writer's responsible for last week's hilariously disgusting episode, Allen Maldonado, have been interviewed right on these digital pages by moi
  2. I wish this undermined gem was longer than thirty minutes because I always want more when the episode is over
  3. Jessie T.Usher still owes me a seafood dinner that he cooked with his own hands (no deadbugging–you have to see episode 5 to get it)

Robert Wu (Chen) in Episode 5 of Survivor's RemorsePhoto Courtesy of Starz

So when Starz (the network responsible for uniting us through our weekly Sunday Power chats over the summer I miss y'all) slipped us a clip of this week's episode before it airs, of course we had to share with our Popdust fam, you're welcome. In episode 6, Chen suspects Cassie may be having an affair, Flaherty tries to dissuade Cam from getting involved in the Players' Union and Missy discovers a secret that threatens to drive a wedge between her and Reggie. I love guessing secrets but I can't call it with these writers so hit me up on twitter or IG post-show and let's see if your guesses are right.


From Blackish to Survivor's Remorse Allen Maldonado is Voicing a Generation

RECAP | Power, Season 4, Episode 1: "When I Get Out"

5 shows that FINALLY make their return this summer

Remembering Charlie Murphy-The big brother of comedy

Bow Wow has a hit on his hands, and it's not a single

What Survivor's Remorse does so innovatively in a space where success has been formulated(ensemble cast+ costumes+ fantastical storylines), is upset the status quo. The idea that you are not supposed to talk about a subject unless in revered and respectful tones (sexuality, race, poverty, religion, self-hate were the center of just a few of my favorite episodes over the course of four seasons) is completely upturned. The most polarizing topics are discussed with a thoughtful hilarity and sometimes you catch yourself agreeing with the wrong side. In the premiere episode when the police chose to drive away from an unruly Atlanta Waffle House fight because they were afraid they were going to shoot someone if it escalated further, I cocked my head to the side and thought, well, it's not policing but it does keep everyone alive. Horrible, I know, but in a time of hashtags and murders, that's where Survivor's Remorse shines. In reminding us that we aren't perfect and there are more complexities to life than standard right and wrong answers, I get a chance to re-evaluate myself and my beliefs for thirty minutes I would have otherwise thought I did not have. Instead of whitewashing the complexities of life or normalizing one way of life over another, they just give us, well, life. A realistic representation with varying opinions, sides, and often, no moral highroad, just the journey. With an episode title of "Reparations", I'm curious to see what they do with Sunday's episode.

Check the clip shared exclusively with us first, featuring Jessie T. Usher, RonReaco Lee, and Ernie Hudson.

Brittiany Cierra is an entertainment and travel journalist and On-Air host highlighting where culture, music, film, television, and current events intersect. When she's not writing about people, places, and things, she's speaking about, dancing on, or marketing them. Follow the journey on twitter and Instagram.

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33 Songs to Cope with Your Long Distance Relationship

TIANY TUNES 6: Distant Lover is the playlist to cope with the end of that summer fling, or sustain you through your long distance relationship (or let's be honest, the demise of it).

Hook up your bluetooth and send to your bae, or the inbox of baes past (or that bae you just can't let go of).

The temperature is dropping, the air is crisper, the pants are longer, and the jackets are heavier. So is the heart. Let's face it. September is the month of transitions. The month where summer turns into fall, you get all of your third quarter grind in, and for some, you prepare for a new fiscal year. For most, it's also the month where you start to let go of your summer. The smell of barbecue and salt water, the sound of the cookout playlist and the ocean, the welcome feel of jet lag–all just memories. You know what else becomes memories, or start to fade away? Your summer flings. Whether due to physical or emotional distance, the connection ebbs and flows like the waves you sat on the beach together just a few weeks prior. No worries, I made Tiany Tunes 6: Distant Lover to cope with all of the stages of distance. From hopeful pining, to strong reassurance, followed by doubt and acceptance with a few tracks thrown in for that inevitable revisit there is something for every stage of your new reality. The uncertainty of this phase giving you anxiety? Don't worry, whether this relationship or another, cuffing season is right around the corner, and Tiany Tunes 3: Baby It's Cold Outside has the cure to comfort.

Beyonce and Jay Z

Take a look at the first ten songs and then check out the entire Spotify playlist to see even more from 50 Cent, Frank Ocean, Marron 5, Cyndi Lauper, Fergie, H.E.R., and more.

1.Miss You x Beyonce

I thought that things like this get better with time but I still need you. Why is that?

2.Distant Lover x Marvin Gaye

Distant lover you should think about me. Say a prayer for me. Please, please baby

3.A Thousand Miles x Vanessa Carlton

And I need you.And I miss you.And now I wonder...

4.Hey There Delilah x Plain White T's

Don't you worry about the distance I'm right there if you get lonely. Give this song another listen. Close your eyes.

5.Far Away x Marsha Ambrosius

Don't know what I'm gonna do. Four days and countin', I've been layin' here starin' myself in the mirror all alone in my room.

6.Computer Love x Zapp

Zapp invented the internet, not Al Gore. Could it be your face I see on my computer screen?

7.Thinkin Bout You x Frank Ocean

Yes of course I remember, how could I forget how you feel?

8.Like You'll Never See Me Again x Alicia Keys

If I couldn't feel your touch and no longer were you with me I'd be wishing you were here to be everything that I've been looking for.

9.-Passionfruit X Drake

Listen, harder buildin' trust from a distance. I think we should rule out commitment for now cause we're fallin' apart.

10.T-shirt x Destiny's Child

Hold up a minute, thought I heard your name. My mind, playing tricks on me again. I hear knocks at the door, is that my baby home? Why couldn't it be reality? Looked at the clock and it says 4:03. At nine, he'll be arriving on a plane then we'll be making love and hearing the song again

I know, you want more.The full playlist is below. You're welcome. DId I miss anything. Tweet me what I missed or hop into my Insta DMs.

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Tiany Tunes 3- Baby It's Cold Outside

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I Will Survive

Brittiany Cierra is an entertainment and travel journalist and On-Air host highlighting where culture, music, film, television, and current events intersect. When she's not writing about people, places, and things, she's speaking about, dancing on, or marketing them. Follow the journey on twitter and Instagram.

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The Ball Era has officially begun

TELEVISION | In Episode 2 of Ball In The Family everyone has their own path to forge

I know this is only the second episode, but it's safe to say Ball In The Family is one of my favorite television shows to date. The very things that made episode one such a hit–the camaraderie between the Ball brothers, seeing the softer side of Lavar, and witnessing the strength that is Tina–is still there plus all of the things we didn't know we wanted to see (except Gelo, we knew we wanted to know more about the elusive middle child). This episode picks up with Melo entering high school, Gelo at UCLA, and Zo preparing for Lakerdom. Forging their separate paths but still entwined, the show goes on.

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Un-BALL-levable! The Ball family debuts their own show

Power Finale | You Can't Fix This

EXCLUSIVE | Jessie T. Usher: The man behind the super hero

Fathers don't have favorites (at least that's what my dad says when I ask him) and the same remains true for Lavar but Melo is the most like Lavar. He loves attention, he's fearless, and he loves to teeter the line between comical and inappropriate and then say, "huh?"when questioned. "Melo will test you," Lavar proudly beams, and you know that even when the youngest Ball brother does cross the line, LaVar doesn't mind too much. We also get to observe Gelo in his element a little more this episode. The UCLA freshman is moving into Zo's old apartment, and has no issues taking his older brother's digs. LaVar points out how the apartment is a secret location and is good for focusing on academics and sports, but Gelo just seems grateful not to have to live in the dorms. Even when he gets to his brother's old apartment that is still full of pictures of Zo and his girlfriend Denise, clothes, and funk, he doesn't seem the least bit phased or dejected. LaVar, however, calls Zo and Denise to come clean up so that Gelo can have suitable housing.

Lavar likes Denise, considers her family, and thinks she's good for Zo. Denise's best friend's feelings aren't so strong for Zo. Apparently, Zo has lied before to Denise, which isn't uncommon for a high school boy, a first year college student, and a draft pick–all of which Zo has been in their three year relationship. Enter a flashback picture of them at prom, and a present day date filled with laughter and those type of jokes that are based in truth and comfort with your partner, and you root for the couple. The fact that Denise isn't looking for a come- and still holds Zo accountable despite his athlete status is also commendable, especially in the age of Ballerwives, Basketball Wives, Wives of Baller, Sidechicks of Wherever, and Girl Just Call Yourself a Gold Digger and Go reality shows.

It also helps that Zo has a tangible example of what love looks like from his own parents. Still recovering from her stroke, we learn Tina also has Titanium in her head. LaVar, parallel to Zo in his relationship with Denise, makes a joke about her always being a little hardheaded and loopy. He wants to take her healing in his hands. Offers of speech pathologists and physical therapists from professionals are turned down because he has what they do not have, love for his wife.That has been the key ingredient to make what others deem to be impossible possible for the Ball's so I see no need to doubt him now. Tina's mother also trusts Lavar and his vision, but most importantly, his conviction and faith.

Brittiany Cierra is an entertainment and travel journalist and On-Air host highlighting where culture, music, film, television, and current events intersect. When she's not writing about people, places, and things, she's speaking about, dancing on, or marketing them. Follow the journey on twitter and Instagram.


Power Finale | You Can't Fix This

TV | POWER Recap: In the end, it's the women who make the ultimate sacrifice.

Power Recap|Season 4, Episode 10: You Can't Fix This

"You dragged us back into the life."

Naturi Naughton produced anger, hurt, and sadness so well I wondered if this was filmed during her pregnancy. Tasha is sitting in the truck with her husband and son moments after identifying her daughter's body. Her innocent child was murdered and she's unsure why. Well, unsure until her husband tells her it's because he angered the Jiminez and Raina's death was street retribution. He sets off to get revenge and Tasha throws away the notion of going legit at the very time she was actually ready to change her life for the better. Now the mourning mother wants blood, and she wants Ghost to do it quickly and quietly because they have two children that need them. This is ironic not only because the youngest St. Patrick was sent to her room two seasons ago and only seen about twice since, but also because their son actually knows who killed Raina and is keeping the killer's identity a secret, even from his parents (as I predicted), sending Ghost on a murderous goose chase. Tasha knows Tariq is lying and notes that her husband doesn't see it because their son lies just like his punk ass daddy I mean Ghost.

What happened next is a little weird. They go into the house where Kesha greets them with a house full of people we assume they are close to. This is strange because Raina died hours ago and their house is full of people like it's a repast. If I had to guess, I'm thinking that this scene is to show the duality of the St. Patrick's, mourners and murders simultaneously. While each tries to cope with the loss, they are met with the well-intentioned but annoying phrases that people say to provide comfort, my favorites being "everything happens for a reason" and "I can't imagine losing a sibling, but especially not a twin". We know it is not long before Tariq turns to the lean, and for once, I'm not all that mad at him. Ghost has already gone to the place he goes before he commits every murder, his closet, and donned on his finest all black murder outfit. When Ghost pulls out the vest and gloves, somebody is dying. We just hope it is the right person. There's this moment when Ghost sees the Man of The Year program on the floor, picks it up, and crumbles it prophetically. I want to scream don't do it at my television but, it was his daughter, so...

Angela(Lela Loren)'s in charge.Photo Courtesy of Starz

We see Angela in her new role, she takes John Mak's case and gives it to the entire team in one fell swoop of a power move. The case seems to have a Jimenez tie (with the gold gun), so right away we know next season she will still be entwined with Ghost and sacrificing her job and her morality. Sax comes in and smugly breaks the news that Raina was killed outside of her school. He is inappropriate and insensitive, but he's also really good at making it known he doesn't agree with the fate of the case and Angela in charge. On her break Angela goes to send condolences to Ghost, tells him to let her handle it so he doesn't die, and then goes to visit Raina's real killer, Rar Ray. She asks RayRay why he was visiting Tariq at school, and Ray Ray seamlessly slipped into Officer Friendly mode, saying he was trying to scare Tariq straight. We later find out that he also told Angela he thinks Tariq killed Raina.

In the middle of this, Ghost and Tommy shoot it out with some Jiminez guys, and two important discoveries are made, Jiminez's don't kill kids and Julio was set up with Dre's assistance. They all die though because, killers. Ghost kills him before he spills the rest of Dre's plan to Tommy's dismay, but Tommy also let's it rock because his best friend's daughter is dead.Guess that marriage counseling Kanan recommended is no longer necessary.

Silver comes to see his mourning girlfriend and says he loves her. He notices Ghost is not at the house, and immediately knows that criminal workings are underway. It's in this moment that Tasha could not care less about going legit. She wants this handled swiftly in the streets according to street rules-blood in, blood out. She then tells Silver to leave. Their fairy tale is over, there is no happily ever after.

Ghost and Tasha come in to a house full of people after Raina's death.Photo Courtesy of Starz

Tommy goes to pay Dre a visit and sees him talking to an undercover cop. Unbeknownst to him, he's really seeing Dre with Raina's killer. Meanwhile Tariq is on his way to see Dre too, geeked up on lean and grief. It's here that I feel the need to talk about Kanan. Y'all know I love Kanan. Any episode he appears is a good one and here goes my murderous bae figuring out who killed Raina before anyone else, though Angela was close. While plotting on Dre, he connects the dots between her death and Tariq calling him looking for Ray Ray. He calls Tommy to let him know Ray Ray must die and to let him know that Tariq is probably looking for him. Meanwhile, Ghost is meeting up with Councilman Tate , who wants to exploit Raina's funeral to help his crooked pastor. I see I'm about to hate Larenz Tate's fine self like I hated Idris in the Wire. I also wondered how Ghost didn't punch Councilman Tate in his face when he told him that the funeral would be there, no matter what. The "Are we clear" took me out and Ghost should have taken Tate out but I guess that's for season five.

Now here comes the ascension into climax (which is also a great name for a Maxwell CD or a band, just run me my money).

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Remembering Charlie Murphy-The big brother of comedy

EXCLUSIVE | Jessie T. Usher: The man behind the super hero

Tasha sees Tariq stole her gun and goes to the only other person she know she can count on for information, Angela. Women are really saving the day here. I'd like to point that out again. Tariq is on his own quest. He figures out that Dre is the common link between all o f the criminals, gets Ray Ray's address from Dre, and meets goes to kill him. It is here that we need to point out again Dre ain't ish. With both Ray Ray and Tariq threatening to expose him, he probably hopes they kill each other.

Now the climax. Tariq goes to kill Ray Ray, Ghost goes to stop Tariq, Tommy goes to kill Ray Ray and Tasha goes to stop Tariq. Tariq kills Ray Ray, which I'm not sad about, except now Tariq's life is really changed. He always wanted to know the truth about his family and now he knows, and is a part of their dirty lives. He freezes as his father and uncle move the body and his mom instructs him to take off his bloody clothes. When he gets home, he follows the routine his father followed so many times- burn the clothes, go in the bathroom, clean his body and nails, and throw his clothes in the black trash bag. It's at this moment he transforms into his father. All of this time I thought it was Dre who was going to follow in Ghosts footsteps, but maybe when Ghost said he was grooming Tariq to be a better him, this is what he unknowingly predicted. There's this moment where Tariq looks at the picture of him and his sisters, his family, and then into the mirror, and it parallels the first time we saw Ghost after a kill in that same bathroom.

After Tommy and Ghost dispose of the body, they are planning to go see Dre. Tommy's phone rings and he answers, and passes it to an irritated Ghost. Y'ALL. It's my muh-effin boyfriend Kanan. The gang is back and about to play teachers versus the students gang style with Dre. Dre killed Father Callahan, and Julio so it is about time he sweats a little. He's been getting cocky and we all know that pride cometh before the fall.

As happy as that final scene is, there is another scene that isn't as nice and that is Tasha meeting with Silver. She tells Silver that she killed Tariq (remember, it was her gun, and a bullet was left in the wall that Angela discovered. Silver says that he can only be her lover or her lawyer, not both. Well Silver, she just confessed to a murder so which one do you think she's choosing? Tasha whips out that checkbook.

I have some theories about Season 5 ( which will be shot in two weeks):

  • The bullet was purposely left in the wall so Tasha could take the fall. It took the heat off of the already suspect Ghost, the career criminal Tommy, and Tariq. Who would blame a stressed and grieving mother who shot her daughter's killer less than 24 hours later. Also she went to Angela before so Angela knows she was distraught and there are witnesses.
  • Dre and Councilman Tate come for Ghost and Tommy's drug status. Dre needs protection and he's not dying immediately. He and Tate already have a bond.
  • Kanan, Tommy, and Ghost are about to have the best year ever, making money hand over fist and killing whoever gets in the way
  • Angela is going to cover more of Ghost's crimes and they will start dating again.
  • They are going to send Tariq away to Connecticut because he knows too much and no good parent wants their son in the game.

Brittiany Cierra is an entertainment and travel journalist and On-Air host highlighting where culture, music, film, television, and current events intersect. When she's not writing about people, places, and things, she's speaking about, dancing on, or marketing them. Follow the journey on twitter and Instagram.

Rising Star

Popdust Presents | Dom Marcell: From the bayou to the boardroom to the bedroom

INTERVIEW | Five lessons in business with Dom Marcell

It's been a long time coming, this Dom Marcell-PopDust interview. The Puerto Rican born, New Orleans raised, and Wall Street groomed singer, writer, and dancer started on his musical journey years ago, placed it to the side when he felt that he wasn't achieving success at a pace that made sense, and then picked it back up when he was prepared for the life of an artist. An infusion of caribbean, latin, and New Orleans Bounce sounds, Dom Marcell's music is his DNA. Here is his story.

"Ask somebody else about my credentials"

Dom went to an arts school for elementary and high school. He made the decision at 17 to attend college and pursue his music career simultaneously knowing that it was a big task. He majored in business and communications, recognizing the importance of combining his right and left brains, the artist with the analyst. Duality follows him wherever he goes, which makes sense for the Gemini who double majored in business and communications while in college. While in college, he made sure to stay connected to the entertainment world, interning at some of the world's biggest media brands, HBO and Atlantic records, to name a couple. When music didn't happen for Dom in what he considered a timely basis, he decided to shelve music and concentrate on his studies. A three year law and MBA program was his solution.

"At the end of the day, you have to be realistic too, you have to give yourself milestones."

Maybe it's the business major in him, but all of his goals have clearly laid out plans–complete with timelines and milestone checks varying in length of time. I guess that detail and thoughtful consideration is not only what transforms them from dreams into plans, but what makes Dom the artist so successful. Marketing strategies, building a useful team, operating as a product, and fielding candid feedback are all a part of his executed roadmap to success. How may artists do you know that conduct focus groups to determine the "viability of the music"? Yeah, in the words of the incomparable Jay-Z he's not a business man, he's a business, man.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" caption="" pin_description="" image-library="0" expand=1 photo_credit=""]

"I just don't go into something blind because I know I invested time and money into my JMBA...but music is a startup company."

You can't help but notice the level headedness he approaches his career, especially for an artist and creative. He parlayed his business and law degrees into his music career, trademarking and copyrighting his business entities associated with his music. How did he know it was time to pick up music again? An interesting question, to which Dom provides a thoughtful answer. After doing everything the right way, he was not satisfied with his life. While this was the dream route for many of his peers getting asked to come back to his investment firm and getting a business degree and his law degree still didn't bring him that happiness. What did was, songwriting. Interesting because when i asked him to choose between singing and songwriting without hesitation he chose songwriting. Songwriting led to the first song he recorded, DTK. He hadn't heard himself in years, and after the most important test in determining whether a song was hot or not, the car test, he failed it. He let the song sit on a shelf, came back to it as he became more comfortable with his voice, and then played the finished version for friends.The follow-up, Unique, is an affirmation that he was the person he thought he was, and not who people told him he was not. It was the song version of his reality. He was capable, accomplished, and talented.

Peep the whole interview , where he also encourages us to tell our friends that they aren't on the right path. Constructive and honest feedback is necessary. Watch us practice how to tell your friend he's not as talented as he thinks he is in the episode of Popdust Presents below.

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Un-BALL-levable! The Ball family debuts their own show

SPORTS | BALL IN THE FAMILY Ep 1 Recap: Thinking LaVar Ball is crazy is a common first impression, but nothing compares to the love he has for his family, and they for him.

"If you're a good loser then you must be good at losing."

This is how 15 year old LaMelo Ball is introduced to viewers in the opening credits of Ball In The Family, a reality show style documentary on the now infamous Ball Family. Thursday, August 30, 3017, the first two episodes of the series debuted on Facebook, and to say I was intrigued is an understatement. See, I've always loved LaVar Ball. Since the loud-mouthed visionary and father of three uttered his first boastful sentence in front of a camera, I connected with him and his sons, rooted for them, and defended them. While others saw a man that would destroy his son's career before it started, I saw a father with a plan–the typecast of a father that is under-represented but ever present. He wasn't meek, he didn't walk around with his eyes cast down and a humble smile, he didn't leave his opinions to the "experts". Nah. The eldest Ball boasted about all three of his sons, compared them to the greats, commented on every single thing basketball related, and when it came to his family, he was the expert. LaVar Ball has a special makeup, passed down to him from his own father, that also came together to form Matthew Knowles (Beyonce and Solange's father), Richard Williams (father of Venus and Serena Williams), Joe Jackson (Father to the first generation of famous Jacksons, including Michael and Janet), and maybe even your dad. It definitely was passed down to mine, which is why I recognized the Balls as part of my tribe. While their methods may be unorthodox, they are visionaries who see the world in their children, and lucky for them, their children listened. Though ecstatic, Lavar is not surprised with the success of his family, "I expect all of this to happen...Speak it into existence every time."

Ball In The Family: Episode 1- Bittersweet Victory

The first episode starts off with a family introduction. Somehow five people are all weighted equally, the three Ball brothers, their mom Tina Ball, and the patriarch, Lonzo Ball. "They were born to go pro", LaVar says as the episode cues to a flashback of Papa Ball's appearance on First Take with Stephen A. Smith with Stephen A. Smith in March. "I'm concerned your mouth may get in their way", Smith shouted to Ball. For as loud and proud as LaVar is known to be, I hope to subtly serve crow the same way he does to Smith, in my own documentary while using a doubter's words to launch into a series that shows I am exactly who I said I am, as I told you I would be. To be fair, comprehending why Smith doubted LaVar is not obscure. In a world of fake news and instant gratification, Ball didn't have the receipts to match his hyperbolic claims. But see, Smith hasn't been around this type of father, I was raised by one. LaVar didn't need receipts, he had all he needed. Like a prophet in the wilderness, Ball held onto his vision of the promised land, convinced his family that the only things they required in life were their talents and his vision, and held onto his faith. Sure it seemed crazy, but Ball was used to crazy being a common first impression. His most faithful teammate, his wife, thought he was crazy when they first met.

"I don't care if your eye is on the side of the face…"

The story about how LaVar and his wife, Tina, met is a perfect example of self prophecy and persistence. He met Tina, told her he was going to have her in some kind of way still to be determined and she waved him off. Though LaVar likes to compare himself with Jordan on the court, he was most like Jordan when courting his wife. He was turned away, stuck it out, she put him on the team, and then he formed a team primed and ready for threepeat championships. A vibrant Tina recounted how LaVar told her that they would have all boys pretty early in their meeting. Another prophecy fulfilled. Tina learned early that if LaVar wanted something, it would be his, even when it came to her parents. LaVar's in-laws admit they didn't accept him immediately because he was Black. He didn't back away, he didn't pressure them, he focused on the plan. Tina was his girl, as he affectionately calls her. They were going to have all boys, Laker players of course, and they would be a team.

As the show takes us behind the scenes of Lonzo's NBA draft, the Ball matriarch has a stroke that leaves her life hanging in the balance for a few weeks. Still not fully recovered, her parents recount the story with fear, but her sons recall their mom's journey with strength and confidence, something else they evidently got from their father. A few tears are stifled, three red faces go blank for a moment, but they clear up almost instantly like a summer storm. They know that they their mom will be ok, and step up as the household changes to accommodate her recovery. This is one of several times you are thankful the boys have LaVar as their father. The Compton native steps up emotionally and physically while his wife deals with her own recovery, constantly checking in on her when the family is away and reminding his sons that she is always with them. As Tina watches the draft from their house in California and the Ball boys are all in Brooklyn on draft day, LaVar reminds them that her spirit is there with them, "She hasn't missed anything since they were kids. Everywhere they go she is there."

"We believe our dad's master plan and we will do anything to make it happen."

LaVar and Tina have three sons, Lonzo(19), LiAngelo (18), and LaMelo (15). Lonzo and Melo have been featured heavily in the media over the course of this last year, seen to some as the puppets in LaVar's circus. One episode of this show easily dispels this myth. Lonzo knows his dad, his character, and accepts the fact that his quirky ways and unshakeable spirit can be seen as abrasive. He doesn't mind, and even makes fun of it in public. It's his dad that helped him get this far, and Lonzo won't stop listening now because the media speaks out against his way, "We believe our dad's master plan and we will do anything to make it happen." Because of the master plan, Lonzo is a Laker, and Melo released his first shoe today, MB1 by Baller Brand. While Lonzo is the calm and humble big brother, taking fame and the road from college to pro in stride whose only unforgiveable flaw is denouncing Nas for Migos and Future, Melo is baby LaVar. Loud, proud, and ready to perform. Gelo plays into his birthright as a middle child so far in the show. We don't know much about him other than he looks up to his big brother while being a role model for his little brother and according to his father, he too, is going to be a Laker. Only time, and more episodes will tell.

Brittiany Cierra is an entertainment and travel journalist and On-Air host highlighting where culture, music, film, television, and current events intersect. When she's not writing about people, places, and things, she's speaking about, dancing on, or marketing them. Follow the journey on twitter and Instagram.