Survivor's Remorse | Episode 6 "Reparations" Exclusive Clip

TV | Ernie Hudson guest stars in this never before seen clip from Sunday's episode 406 "Reparations"

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If you like complex storylines that go down smooth as whiskey, great writing, knowing the business behind balling, and acting from some living and forming legends, Survivor's Remorse is on every Sunday night at 10 PM. If you've been taking this journey through life with me, then you know three things about my feelings towards the show:

  1. One of the main character's Jessie T. Usher, and one of the writer's responsible for last week's hilariously disgusting episode, Allen Maldonado, have been interviewed right on these digital pages by moi
  2. I wish this undermined gem was longer than thirty minutes because I always want more when the episode is over
  3. Jessie T.Usher still owes me a seafood dinner that he cooked with his own hands (no deadbugging–you have to see episode 5 to get it)

Robert Wu (Chen) in Episode 5 of Survivor's RemorsePhoto Courtesy of Starz

So when Starz (the network responsible for uniting us through our weekly Sunday Power chats over the summer I miss y'all) slipped us a clip of this week's episode before it airs, of course we had to share with our Popdust fam, you're welcome. In episode 6, Chen suspects Cassie may be having an affair, Flaherty tries to dissuade Cam from getting involved in the Players' Union and Missy discovers a secret that threatens to drive a wedge between her and Reggie. I love guessing secrets but I can't call it with these writers so hit me up on twitter or IG post-show and let's see if your guesses are right.


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What Survivor's Remorse does so innovatively in a space where success has been formulated(ensemble cast+ costumes+ fantastical storylines), is upset the status quo. The idea that you are not supposed to talk about a subject unless in revered and respectful tones (sexuality, race, poverty, religion, self-hate were the center of just a few of my favorite episodes over the course of four seasons) is completely upturned. The most polarizing topics are discussed with a thoughtful hilarity and sometimes you catch yourself agreeing with the wrong side. In the premiere episode when the police chose to drive away from an unruly Atlanta Waffle House fight because they were afraid they were going to shoot someone if it escalated further, I cocked my head to the side and thought, well, it's not policing but it does keep everyone alive. Horrible, I know, but in a time of hashtags and murders, that's where Survivor's Remorse shines. In reminding us that we aren't perfect and there are more complexities to life than standard right and wrong answers, I get a chance to re-evaluate myself and my beliefs for thirty minutes I would have otherwise thought I did not have. Instead of whitewashing the complexities of life or normalizing one way of life over another, they just give us, well, life. A realistic representation with varying opinions, sides, and often, no moral highroad, just the journey. With an episode title of "Reparations", I'm curious to see what they do with Sunday's episode.

Check the clip shared exclusively with us first, featuring Jessie T. Usher, RonReaco Lee, and Ernie Hudson.

Brittiany Cierra is an entertainment and travel journalist and On-Air host highlighting where culture, music, film, television, and current events intersect. When she's not writing about people, places, and things, she's speaking about, dancing on, or marketing them. Follow the journey on twitter and Instagram.

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Brittiany Cierra is an entertainment and travel journalist and On-Air host highlighting where culture, music, film, television, and current events intersect. When she's not writing about people, places, and things, she's speaking about, dancing on, or marketing them. Follow the journey on twitter and Instagram.

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Fathers don't have favorites (at least that's what my dad says when I ask him) and the same remains true for Lavar but Melo is the most like Lavar. He loves attention, he's fearless, and he loves to teeter the line between comical and inappropriate and then say, "huh?"when questioned. "Melo will test you," Lavar proudly beams, and you know that even when the youngest Ball brother does cross the line, LaVar doesn't mind too much. We also get to observe Gelo in his element a little more this episode. The UCLA freshman is moving into Zo's old apartment, and has no issues taking his older brother's digs. LaVar points out how the apartment is a secret location and is good for focusing on academics and sports, but Gelo just seems grateful not to have to live in the dorms. Even when he gets to his brother's old apartment that is still full of pictures of Zo and his girlfriend Denise, clothes, and funk, he doesn't seem the least bit phased or dejected. LaVar, however, calls Zo and Denise to come clean up so that Gelo can have suitable housing.

Lavar likes Denise, considers her family, and thinks she's good for Zo. Denise's best friend's feelings aren't so strong for Zo. Apparently, Zo has lied before to Denise, which isn't uncommon for a high school boy, a first year college student, and a draft pick–all of which Zo has been in their three year relationship. Enter a flashback picture of them at prom, and a present day date filled with laughter and those type of jokes that are based in truth and comfort with your partner, and you root for the couple. The fact that Denise isn't looking for a come- and still holds Zo accountable despite his athlete status is also commendable, especially in the age of Ballerwives, Basketball Wives, Wives of Baller, Sidechicks of Wherever, and Girl Just Call Yourself a Gold Digger and Go reality shows.

It also helps that Zo has a tangible example of what love looks like from his own parents. Still recovering from her stroke, we learn Tina also has Titanium in her head. LaVar, parallel to Zo in his relationship with Denise, makes a joke about her always being a little hardheaded and loopy. He wants to take her healing in his hands. Offers of speech pathologists and physical therapists from professionals are turned down because he has what they do not have, love for his wife.That has been the key ingredient to make what others deem to be impossible possible for the Ball's so I see no need to doubt him now. Tina's mother also trusts Lavar and his vision, but most importantly, his conviction and faith.

Brittiany Cierra is an entertainment and travel journalist and On-Air host highlighting where culture, music, film, television, and current events intersect. When she's not writing about people, places, and things, she's speaking about, dancing on, or marketing them. Follow the journey on twitter and Instagram.