Maui Escapist Candle

There's something extremely alluring about Hawaii.

Maybe you've even fallen under the spell of its island breezes; perhaps you spend your evenings drinking in the beachy scent of your Maui Escapist Candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio, or maybe you put on Hawaiian lullabies to chill out after a long day.

During the pandemic, many people actually listened to the islands' call, and huge numbers of people — newly laid off or working remotely or just seeking any form of escape — made the move over to its beaches. Despite the shadow of the Delta variant, newly vaccinated tourists are swarming Hawaii in droves, leaving Hawaiians swamped and struggling to meet demands and needs. In July 2021, over 345,000 people arrived at Maui's Kahului Airport, a 23% increase from 2019.

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I've been into smells lately. Good smells, specifically — the sort that replace unpleasant danknesses with images of far-off landscapes and luxurious gardens.

I've also been into good lighting lately. Dim lighting, specifically — the sort that casts a pale yellow glow on the walls and that makes everything feel romantic and soft.

What smells great and also casts a delicate, romantic glow onto the walls? After years of searching, I finally think I've found a perfect candle that does just that, and it's from Brooklyn Candle Studio.

Personally, a great candle can change the trajectory of my whole evening. It adds a touch of elegance and relaxation to any space, and it soothes any rough edges of a room that are brought into harsh relief by bright lights. Whether it's placed on the window, on the edges of a bathtub, or outside in a garden, a candle adds a hint of magic and mystery to any space.

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