INTERVIEW | A conversation with rising dream pop diva GERMANS

MUSIC | Julia Kwamya on creating dream-like disco and eclectic inspiration

The first time I saw GERMANS, she was opening for another band that was just as obscure.

The Radio Dept. have accrued a cult following among indie fans (and probably anyone who has seen Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette at least once). As we waited for the band to take the stage, their opening act was absolutely enthralling. Truly, I had never seen a rookie singer sway onstage quite like GERMANS. Julia Kwamya's particular brand of dream pop, alongside the indie and disco influences she brings to the table, made her more than a match for The Radio Dept.'s presence.

Shining with sheer confidence, listen to her and you're teleported to worlds tinged with 80s synths, with bossanova, and with just a dash of classic diva all wrapped up in a down-to-earth package that's simultaneously otherworldly. With a new track due out in September, keep your eyes peeled for the next big Brooklyn musician.

We sat down with Kwamya to talk about opening for The Radio Dept., her unique approach to music, and her force of an artist's name.

Courtesy of GERMANS

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INTERVIEW | ICONA POP are still iconic

MUSIC | The Swedish pop duo talk fashion, feminism, and their new single

After all this time, we still love it.

It's been a long road for Icona Pop. After becoming queens of the 2012 pop scene with the fizzy feminist anthem "I Love It," new music has been slow to come. Focusing on touring the world, Aino Jano and Caroline Hjelt returned to their native Sweden to record music for the new record. After all this time, the pair is now ready to be known by something other than the single that put them on the map.

That isn't to say that they've sacrificed any of their sass or style: Icona Pop's first single "Girls Girls", a wavey summer jam co-written by Tove Lo, still has the danceable beats that made Icona Pop so much fun to listen while moving them in a new direction. The lyric video, which compiles pictures of Icona Pop fans from around the world, also shows us the band's head is in the right place: were it not for their fans, what band could possibly do what they do?

We caught up with the dynamic duo to talk about their upcoming European tour, reconciling a love of vintage shops with haute couture, and their new single "Girls Girls."

via Instagram @iconapop

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Rising Star

INTERVIEW | The rising indie star, JMR, is far from 'Boyish'

MUSIC | The rising indie star talks about his new EP

An indie musician for the ages

How can one pin down a sound, and seek out the melodies within it? JMR asks himself these questions. His sophomore EP, Boyish, with dealt with themes of childhood and abandonment, has been out for about a month, and the rising musician has continued to gain traction. With his soothing, ethereal sound, the dream pop that he crafts is as chic as it is evocative.

Popdust sat down with JMR to talk about his future career, his sound, and his favorite songs on the record.

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