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“Big Mouth’s” New Trans Character Is Fine, and That’s a Huge Deal

Warning / Spoilers ahead for Big Mouth Season 4.


The new season of Big Mouth had been out only a few hours when I first received a clip through the trans IG DM whisper network.

I tensed up, as I usually do when a trans character appears in a show created by cis people. It's an involuntary response conditioned during a lifetime of Dallas Buyers Clubs and South Parks and Law and Orders. So you can imagine my surprise at finding the clip to be, well, fine.

In it, a new character, Natalie, recounts her backstory to one of the main characters of the show, Jessi. The show neither shies away from the uniquely painful way puberty often affects transgender people nor falls into tropes such as the "wrong body" narrative. The backstory even includes the concomitant struggle with one's own sexuality that often muddies struggles with gender.

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