What We Know About the 2022 Met Gala So Far

Who are the 2022 Met Gala hosts? What is the Met Gala theme? Who will be Best Dressed at the 2022 Met Gala? And all the questions we need answered before the first Monday in May

Each day we get closer and closer to the most momentous, most glamorous Monday of the year: The Met Gala.

For the first time since 2019, the first Monday in May will mark fashion’s most spectacular event once again. With 2020 being canceled outright and the 2021 event postponed to September, this sensational evening is finally back and bigger than ever.

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What Happened at the Oscars?

The Best Dressed List from the 2022 Academy Awards and the Vanity Fair Afterparty

As a metric for which movies matter, award shows are obsolete.

How many of us watched all — if any — of the nominated films? And how many of us — if any — agreed with the nominations, let alone the Academy’s seemingly arbitrary rulings? All of it seems arbitrary. The culture — aka the internet — decides what has staying power. And time decides what’s truly tasteful.

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Is the Allure Beauty Box Worth It? See What’s In The February Allure Beauty Box.

Need a last-minute Valentine’s Gift? The Allure Beauty Box is the perfect gift for a loved one — including yourself!

It’s February and everyone is talking about love.

Move over President’s Day, Valentine’s Day is THE holiday of the season. Alongside all the romance, spectacle, and fanfare, the day can rack up a cost. With people pressured to overly demonstrate their affection, credit card spending sprees are likely to rear their ugly heads.

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