Sex Ed TikTok

Most people have a cringe-worthy memory from health class.

Whether it was watching a 60-year-old woman unroll a condom onto a phallic object or being the one kid who asked the "inappropriate" question the teacher was too uncomfortable to answer, sixth grade Sex Ed is a subject many want to avoid revisiting.

Despite all the embarrassing moments, young people have been, and will continue to be, curious about sex. Thanks to the Internet, they know what they're learning at school isn't the full picture.

In multiple surveys about Sex Ed, young people express a desire for more education, up-to-date information on healthy relationships, LGBTQ+ content, and fun, positive ways to learn about pleasure and intimacy. In other words, they want material that goes beyond what they learn in school or what they feel comfortable discussing with their parents. Ideally, they want to learn it from confident teachers who are comfortable with the subject matter.

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