"It could have killed her. There was blood everywhere," Gisele's childhood friend, Cezar Oliviera, dramatically recounted to the Daily Mail Online about the terrifying ordeal.

She was just 12-years-old, eating oranges near her home in Horizontina, Brazil.

The incident left her with a lifelong scar that she has covered with a tattoo. Cezar, now 35, recalls that they were all passing around the knife.

"It came to Gisele's turn to eat and for some reason the boy with the knife decided to throw it at her. The blade pierced her wrist and cut her quite badly. She yelled out in pain straight away."

With the future Victoria's Secret Angel bleeding profusely, the friends ran to Oliviera's home, and his mother bandaged her wrist.

"She was hurt quite badly and was screaming because of all the blood. She was covered. It did leave a scar and she later had a star tattoo on her wrist which I think was to cover it up."


Gisele Bundchen Wears A Fake Burka To Sneak In For Secret Surgery
Gisele Strips Down, Gets Buck Naked For Super Sexy Vogue Brazil Cover
Grow a Pair, Gisele. There's Nothing Wrong With a Little Nip Tuck!

Oliviera revealed that he was surprised that his gangly pal would go on to be one of the highest paid fashion models in the world.

"As kids we would all love to eat cakes baked by my mom. Eating bad food was not an issue back then. Obviously not something a future model would enjoy!"

Oliviera said the model and her sisters towered over all the other kids.

"She actually had a bit of a stoop because she was always looking down at people."

But she didn't stoop on the volleyball court.

"At one stage she was really thinking about whether she should be a model or a professional volleyball player, There were a lot of girls from Horizontina who had the looks to be a model and Gisele wasn't sure at first she could make it. It's incredible now to remember that because she was the one with all the special qualities to make it."

But she went ahead and made it. Big time. And when she returned home for a visit, Oliviera was pretty intimidated.

"I saw her standing outside and I didn't know how to react. She was in her late teens and had become quite famous. I wasn't sure if I should say hello to her or not."

He was relieved to learn that the Vogue cover girl hadn't changed at all because of her fame.

As soon as she saw me she called me over and kissed me hello. We got on just like old times.

In 2009, she brought her husband, NFL star Tom Brady to visit her home town.

"Tom's Portuguese wasn't great so Gisele translated for him. She was really enjoying showing him where she grew up."

In 2015, rumors of cheating rocked Gisele and Tom's marriage after the nanny accused of having slept with Ben Affleck was spotted in a private jet wearing Tom's Super Bowl rings. Her friend was concerned because she was staying off social media.

"I thought that [Gisele staying off social media] was a sign that the problems could be real. They're over that now, of course."

He was also quick to dismiss the reports that Gisele had plastic surgery.

"From the latest photos of her I have seen her nose has not changed. She has hardly changed since she was a teenager.I can't wait to see here here at home again."

Actress Turns Her House Into A Sanctuary For Rescued Pets

Lions and tigers and bears! Well, mostly just dogs...

Benjamin Brian Morris

Unlike most Los Angeles based actresses who spend their spare time in pilates or the hair salon, writer/comedian/actress Sarah Coomes spends her days cruising the shelters to jail break pups in need. It all started one Christmas in Los Angeles. Sarah was wandering Main street in Santa Monica when she spied a huge possum foraging in the dumpster. At closer inspection the bedraggled creature turned out not to be a possum but a hungry, stray puppy. Sarah took her home, treated her to a make over which included a thorough shampoo and a fur cut, and after a visit to the Vet, decided to make Tessie a member of her family. Sarah tells Popdust exclusively:

"Once I realized there was so many animals suffering right outside my door step I was really compelled to take action, I couldn't turn a blind eye."

The ex pat, who is known for her comedic work, has since rescued many a beleaguered beast. Only two months later Sarah was noshing outside Wholefoods in Venice when a homeless lady walked by with a sickly looking lab mix on the end of a piece of string. With her eyes focused only on the poor puppy, the canine crusader couldn't help but intervene.

She asked the homeless lady about the puppy and instead of replying, she broke down in tears admitted that the dog was sick and in desperate need of medical attention. Sarah rushed the dog to the nearest vet, and despite being near death, managed to save him in the nick of time. Ralphie, as he's come to be known, is now a happy 90lb dog living a life of luxury with a producer in Venice.

Sarah continues to add neglected and abused animals to her growing menagerie in Venice, California. So far, she is up to 4 dogs, 2 cats, and continues to find homes for the stranded souls at the Carson Animal Shelter, and the DRLA.

Sarah's charity work stands in stark contrast to her professional life, which is decidedly comedic. She is known for her brilliantly funny characters and will be performing a new live show this fall in Los Angeles with characters that she's been developing and playing in local clubs over the past two years.

"I can't wait to unleash my new beasts on a wider audience,"

Coomes says with a wry smile as she pats one of her canine companions. "Lets hope the audience doesn't think I'm a possum, take me home and shave all my hair off!"

And with that, the wolf pack leapt off the sofa, filed through the doggy door and headed outside to play. Check Sarah's web site soon for new dates and shows www.sarahcoomes.net

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Khloe Kardashian Will Eff Up Your Vagina

Khloe Kardashian wants to help you down there, but you should prob go ahead and ignore her.

khloe kardashian vitamin e oil advice is not so good for your lady parts apparently

Khloe Kardashian cares about you.

She cares about your v*g*na.

And, not unlike your boyfriend or whatever Tinder dude you may have banged this week, she wants it to be tight and moist.

That's right. I said moist.

All together now:


So Khloe took her amateur gynecological aspirations to her app, where she instructed fans to slather their lady parts with Vitamin E, saying:

No joke:.Vitamin E may strengthen v*gin*l lining! Moisturize your labia and v*g*na with Vitamin E oil to combat dryness and soothe irritation.

But wait!

Before you and your loose lips dart out to Whole Foods, don't.

There are better options for you, sister girl.

I mean you and your sister girl.

It turns out though, not only is rubbing vitamin E all in your crotch can be a bad, bad thing.

San Francisco Bay Area OB/GYN and writer Dr. Jennifer Gunter explains that vitamin E is toxic at high doses.

It can break down condoms, and recent studies show that lots of vitamin E can "shorten your lifespan."

As she puts it, "The optimum dose is pretty low. Antioxidants in high doses may well be harmful."

She tells The Daily Beast:

I would not recommend this nor is there any study that looks at this for healthy, premenopausal women.
If you are 32 and have a dry v*g*na, see your doctor and try a silicone-based lube.

Dr. Gunter is also not a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow's steaming craze or the trendy "yoni massage," which is basically when you pay a stranger to finger bang you.

For men, it's known as the ancient healing Sanskrit practice "rub 'n tug."

But back to the box.

As Dr. Gunter says: "If your v*g*na is fine, leave it alone."

But where's the fun in that?

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Meet Moony, The Cute AF Rescued 'Werewolf' Cat

Hypertrichosis causes Moony's fur to grow super fast, her claws to thicken, and her cuteness to be really cute...

moony rescued werewolf cat is cute—so damn cute—it's inconceivable somebody just tossed her away like trash

Meet Moony the "werewolf" cat.

She's cute AF due to a rare hormonal condition—never-before seen in cats—called hypertrichosis, also known as "werewolf syndrome."

And someone threw her away—just tossed her into a box in an alley!

moony rescued werewolf catFormal yet disgruntled

That's when her new dad/hero, Luc Michaud of Quebec Canada, happened upon the kitten, shivering to death outside his apartment building.

Turns out- she's actually a fancy cat—a pedigree Persian no less.

They usually sell for around $500!

moony rescued werewolf catSee? Cats hate water

Mr. Michaud spotted the pet carrier and asked every one in the area if they knew who it belonged to but soon it became apparent nobody was coming back for Moony.

moony rescued werewolf catMoony, before hair product

Michaud had not planned to adopt a cat but fell in love as soon as he laid eyes on this freaky sweet little beast.

Moony's Hypertrichosis causes her fur to grow super fast, her claws to thicken, and her cuteness to be really cute.

She also speaks 3 languages: French and English in addition to purrs.

Moony's owner says:

People have all kinds of reactions to her.
Some love her and others really don't.
One day my niece came over and started to scream "It's a monster"
She'd watched Labyrinth the day before."

But Mr. Michaud woves her unconditonawy.

He explains:

I feel like I am the luckiest guy in the world to have found her.
She is the most sensitive cat I have ever seen.
Moony needs a lot of care to stop her long hairs getting in her eyes and her nose and I have to give her eye drops every day.
Maybe that's why they left her.
I found her in the morning so I think she was there all night.
She was freezing and so afraid.
As soon as I saw those big yellow eyes I was like "wow".
She was the most beautiful cat I had ever seen.

However, Luc's brother had a similar reaction to his niece:

Then I showed her to my brother who said she was the ugliest thing he'd ever seen.
But for me it was love at first sight.

Her long wiry whiskers, yellow eyes and Freddy Krueger claws instantly reminded Luc of a werewolf and she even growls like a dog when people come to the door.

moony rescued werewolf catMoony channels Christian Grey

He says:

I had never seen a cat like Moony.
I just thought she was a strange breed of Persian but even the vet couldn't tell me.
He'd never seen anything like it.

Until he finally got his answer, from the TV, when he saw a cat with the same syndrome:

You can imagine my surprise when I saw Atchoum on a TV show and they were saying he was the only cat in the world with that condition.
But he's just like Moony.
When I found out just how unique she was I decided I wanted to share her with the world on social media.
Like I said, some people love her, some hate her but nobody stays indifferent to Moony.

Look at the little stinker!

Who in their right mind wouldn't love this cute little critter?!!

moony rescued werewolf cat

Scroll down to check out Popdust's gallery of Moony rescued werewolf cat photos

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Miley Cyrus Wayne Coyne friendship causing problems with Liam Hemsworth

Remember that song from the 90s, She Don't Use Jelly?

The guy had a really whiney voice and the lyrics were, like "She don't use jelly or any of these, she uses Va-a-as-aline?"

Anyway, the band was the Flaming Lips and the lead singer, Wayne Coyne is 55 and he's Miley Cyrus' BFF.

Although maybe not for very much longer if her boyfriend/possible fiancé Liam Hemsworth has anything to say about it.

A source close to the couple tells Popdust exclusively:

Liam is putting his foot down because he's convinced that Wayne is a bad influence on Miley.
All they do is party.
If Miley hangs out with Wayne they drink for like 12 straight hours and when it's over she's hung over in bed for days.

Miley assures Liam that her relationship with Wayne is strictly professional and there is nothing shady going on.

But the source says trust is not the issue here.

Wayne has a hot girlfriend named Katy Weaver.
She always acts like Liam is being paranoid and jealous, but Liam trusts Miley not to cheat.
That's not what it's about.

Wayne and Miley got super chummy after they collaborated on her 2015 album Dead Petz.

In 2015, Wayne explained to the Huffington Post why he's just so enamored with Miley:

She's always going 1000 miles an hour.
Working with Miley Cyrus, I mean, you get to run into a lot of people, you get to run into people that you'd never ever get to run into.
Even hang around Kanye West or something ...
But I don't know if I would like to be collaborating on the level that we are with Cyrus with anybody else.

But the source says Wayne likes Miley just as much for her party ethic:

That's what kind of drives their creativity.
They drink like fish and smoke blunt after blunt and then 'make music.'
Liam is considering making Miley the mother of his children, so he does not appreciate her partying until 6 AM with some dude.

Get over it or get a new girl Liam.

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saint west first words dad kanye—kim got dissed and she's pissed

Kim Kardahian, 35, got epically dissed by baby Saint when he uttered his very first words and in so doing, clearly expressed a preference for Kanye West's parenting style.

The KUWTK star expected that her seven-month-old son would say "Momma" first, but her narcissistic dreams were dashed when Saint opened his toothless mouth and said "Dada".

saint west first words dad kanye

How very dare he?

Kim was at the MGM Grand's Hakkasan nightclub in Las Vegas on Friday, and told People Magazine:

"He said 'Dada' today, three times and I was like 'what?'
Kanye was so excited.
He was like 'I told him to say that.'
I was like, 'I just really wanted him to say 'Momma first.'"

Like, bummer, like, dude.

Never mind KK, take another selfie.

saint west first words dad kanye

It must have triggered, like, an expletive-laden tirade or, like, an ice cream binge with a silver spoon.

Because, like, just hours before Kim was, like, due to leave for Las Vegas for, like, a weekend of decadence with her pussy posse, she chipped her tooth and had to squeeze in an emergency visit to her dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands.

She was, like, fucking pissed.

However, he was able to restore her famous smile in time for Kim to make it to The City of Sin, where she hosted a bash at Hakkasan.

Pussy posse pals included Maria Menounos, Larsa Pippen and Carla DiBello.

They were there to celebrate their friend Ariana's bachelorette party.

As Popdust previously reported, last weekend Kim took to Snapchat to leak a conversation between her husband and Taylor Swift talking about his controversial song Famous - which features the explosive lyrics:

"I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / I made that bitch famous,"

In reference to Kanye interrupting TayTay's acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs in 2009.

Taylor insisted she had never approved the song.

Following the release of the tapes, when people accused her of lying, Taylor countered that Kanye never told her he'd call her a "bitch."

She wrote on Instagram:

Where is the video of Kanye telling me he was going to call me 'that bitch' in his song?
It doesn't exist because it never happened.
You don't get to control someone's emotional response to being called 'that bitch' in front of the entire world.
Of course I wanted to like the song.
I wanted to believe Kanye when he told me I would love the song.
I wanted us to have a friendly relationship.
He promised to play the song for me but he never did.
While I wanted to be supportive of Kanye on the phone call, you can't approve a song you haven't heard.
Being falsely painted as a liar when I was never given the full story or played any part of the song is character assassination.
I would like very much to be excluded from this narrative, one I never asked to be part of, since, 2009.

Yeah, makes sense.

Wah! Wah! Wah!

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