Ugly God returns with new single, FAFSA claps back on Twitter

"Bitch!" is the Houston chicken-choker's latest hit off his forthcoming Booty Tape

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Other than being one of our premiere picks for XXL's forthcoming 2017 freshmen list, Ugly God's a bit of an enigma. The Houston, Texas-based emcee is known for meme rap hits like "Beat My Meat" and "Ass Over Titties." He's got a penchant for Pokemon and a lust for booty. He samples the default iPhone ringtone and is banging Jesse from Team Rocket on the cover of his hit single "Water." Ugly God is truly a rapper for the kids.

Coming in hot on the tails of his exciting 2016, Ugly God dropped a new single last night for his greatly anticipated full length debut, The Booty Tape. The single is called "Bitch!" and in classic Ugly God style it samples a familiar Windows error sound.

Already having racked up 500k plays by 5 o'clock the next day, "Bitch" is blowing up with the rapid pace that is deserved of the internet's favorite new rap personality.

Effusively positive in the style of D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty, Ugly God also has the humor on lock. One of the lines in "Bitch!" goes "Boy I'm broke as f*ck/30 bands straight from FAFSA." Not missing a beat, one of the genius social media interns over at our federal government's student loan agency clapped back on Twitter with some sound financial advice.

"Bitch!" not your thing? Try out Ugly God's more commercially friend single, "Water." It's also got a smooth video with the sort of pastel visuals you've come to expect from these sunshine-and-rainbows type rappers. Either way, don't sleep on Ugly God or The Booty Tape, hopefully coming soon.

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