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Underdogs: Cute pics of dogs from underneath

Photographer takes pictures of the underside of animals

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Adorable Animals from a unique perspective.

Andrius Burba, is a 24 years old photographer, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. He has been with working on his most recent series of photographs called the Under-dogs project. It features pictures of dogs from shot from underneath. He has done this with other animals. It started with the Under-cats project, then expanded to Under-rabbits and Under-horse projects. He photographs them from under glass, that the animals stand with a black background, which has become his most recognized artwork.

The actual project was photographed about a year ago. It wasn't released until now as he wanted to present them at the same time his book of Underdogs had been published.

This project is closely related to the Under-Cats series. Cats are extremely cute but dogs have a much more lively temperament. Dogs are playful creatures and were running around the studio, but completely changed on the glass as they were as still as a statue, taking direction well.

Burba says he learned two observations from shooting the unusual perspective of dogs and cats, "Two main things from these photo shoots. First, cats think they are gods. since people feed, love and give them homes. Secondly, dogs see human as a god as they feed, love and give them homes."Probably you had to read that twice.

After capturing Under-dogs, he decided to go full-time the Underlook project. Currently working on Under-horse. They plan on taking on Tigers next!


Under-cat project

Andrius Burba

The Underlook team:

Andrius Burba
Ieva Midverytė
Lucas Bruggemann
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