For safety purposes, citizens of the world may want to think twice before doing anything that could be considered disrespectful to One Direction. This includes, but is not limited to: turning down the volume whenever "What Makes You Beautiful" comes on, fast-forwarding through their SNL performance while catching up on your DVR or suing the band for trademark infringement. According to The Sun, California band One Direction has received an overwhelming response from fans of the British boy band since filing their lawsuit against One Direction and Simon Cowell's Syco Entertainment and Sony Music over their shared name. And it hasn't been pretty. "There has been so much hate mail, like people threatening to cut our balls off. The one that stands out for me is a girl saying she wanted to kill my father," said the band's frontman, Sean O'Leary. Yikes. Likely the irrational reaction of fans who can't comprehend that there's more to life than staring at the abs of Harry Styles, but how do we know these aren't coming from Cowell himself? 1D is basically the reason he can force Fox to pour $16 million into a risky choice for judge in hopes that the American X Factor can replicate the success of its predecessor and find a super cute cash cow boy band of its own.

Pop fans are a passionate bunch and Directioners are no exception, as seen by the mean-spirited tweets sent to Liam's girlfriend last month and the Sydney radio station employee Zayn was flirting with earlier this week. (We hear the cleaning lady who takes care of Larry Stylinson's flat has to go everywhere with two bodyguards.) Fans get territorial over their male stars, sure, but this flock is most protective over the 1D brand, particularly when they've spent all that time and money tagging "One Direction" on their bedroom walls. Paint remover is expensive.