U.S. Girls Come to Terms With the Aftermath of Death With "Overtime"

It's the first single from Meg Remy's forthcoming seventh album.

In early 2018, Meg Remy wowed critics and fans with In a Poem Unlimited, an opus of witchy disco-pop that felt like the apex of her career thus far as U.S. Girls.

But Remy and company have returned with a new single to promote the next album in the U.S. Girls universe. Though its rollicking drums might suggest lighter subject matter, "Overtime" depicts the emotional aftermath of a death: "Every time I see your grave I can't help but think / How I didn't know that you only drank?" Remy pleads.

U.S. Girls - Overtime (Official Video)

As the gospel-like background voices join in and a saxophone solo blares, the song bears a sense of restless anxiety and looming guilt. Though Remy leaves many details to the imagination, the song's few moments of transparency paint a startlingly bleak picture: "Now you're six feet underground / And I feel nothing but a clown."

"Overtime" is the first single from U.S. Girls' forthcoming seventh album, Heavy Light, which is due out in March.

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