You guys know that Usher has only released six full-length albums in his career? Yeah, six isn't that tiny a number, and considering the 65 million albums sold worldwide, it's hard to get too on Ush for his career productivity. Still, for a guy who's been around for over 15 years—his first album was all the way back in 1994, ferchrissake—and more or less remained consistently popular over that timespan, you'd think that he'd have more than six albums by now. Maybe that's why he's been able to survive as a relevant hitmaker for so long, though—he shows up every three years or so, briefly takes over the world, and then has the good sense to back off for a spell until people are excited to see him again.

Anyway, that time is here again. About two years after the release of 2010's Raymond vs. Raymond, we have news of a new Usher LP—Looking for Myself, due June 12th. The album will of feature production work from the likes of Max Martin, Jim Jonsin, Salaam Remi and Rico Love, though details beyond that are fairly scant for the moment. Most importantly, it will almost certainly feature currently Top 40 (#40 as of today!!) single "Climax," a front-runner for Slow Jam of the Year honors and one of the best songs of any kind from Usher's long and musically diverse career. If any of the rest of the album is of that caliber, than Justin Bieber's Believe might not be the only 2012 LP to send the rest of pop back to the drawing board.

We hope Usher finds himself in the not-too-distant future, however—identity theft isn't a fate we wish even on our least favorite pop stars.