Because most of his songs work best during the the wee hours, Usher will take the stage at NBC's studio 8H as the musical guest of Saturday Night Live on May 12. Will Ferrell will host, and the friend to Justin Bieber and David Guetta will likely perform new single "Scream," which we guess is understandable given its recent release and the fact that new album Looking for Myself will be on its way...30 days later. If he fails to perform "Climax" we'll be severely disappointed.

Unless it's some kind of Bieber-related stunt, Usher doesn't strike us as the first artist Lorne Michaels and his staff would go to for a sketch idea. (But hey, Bieber on SNL? Now that's a concept...) Pairing him with Will Ferrell doesn't do much to help stretch our imagination either, unless they're looking to revisit the classic  the use of "more cowbell," which we at Popdust as always willing to endorse. His performance will follow another odd couple combination of Rihanna and Eli Manning next Saturday, which is hard not to giggle about when envisioning Eli meeting and pronouncing the Barbadian's name. Have we reached the saturation point on Shy Ronnie? Eli Manning basically is Shy Ronnie, right? Shy Ronnie, with two Super Bowl rings.