Usher's "Looking 4 Myself" Reviewed: "Euphoria"

Somebody on Usher's team is probably really, really pissed that Swedish House Mafia dance track "Euphoria"--once a front-runner for title track--now shares its name with this year's Eurovision winner--itself a dance track. That's a lot of inconvenient associations for a track that doesn't really need them.

Swedish House Mafia are known for many things--most of them related to Ibiza somehow--but stylistic range isn't one of them. Fittingly, "Euphoria" sounds a lot like the other SHM collaboration on the album. There are minor differences in mood--where "Numb" is becalmed, "Euphoria" is tense, but otherwise, you can practically chart the buildups and breakdowns without actually hearing it.

It's not that Usher doesn't have a right to dance music--he's certainly done worse--i.e. almost every single last album--and he's done his duty in what's practically a dance-music Guetta-vocalist draft. It's that "Euphoria" never quite takes off in the way its title, and its placement as Looking 4 Myself's final track, would suggest. It'd sound great in a club, sure, but it wouldn't be a standout by any means; Usher and Swedish House Mafia talk about euphoria, but what they deliver is perfectly passable excitement. Maybe he's not so different from Loreen after all.

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